Meet Laura Tezoco, a Nahua artist who creates, expresses and highlights culture

Córdoba, Ver.- A girl who never saw limits and learned with the culture of effort to see life from other eyes, today she dreams of building great things and on that path she has already left her mark, his particular style has been reflected in some murals in the region where his art refers to pre-Hispanic culture, textiles, and the flora and fauna of the region, with an explosion of colors that frame the art of Laura Tezoco a young Nahua from Tequila.

He is in the ninth grade of the Architecture career at the Universidad Veracruzana, but for the last 3 years she has been seen to be very active in the plastic arts, working on painting in various techniques and formats, but mainly muralism, which has made her stand out from the ordinary and the everyday. Nature and her spirituality can be breathed when admiring from afar each of her works which are located in her native Tequila and other municipalities such as Zongolica, Fortín de las Flores, San Andrés Tenejapan and Amatlán de los Reyes.

“I have developed the spiritual part a lot, I explore different branches of life relating it to architecture, physics, biology and philosophy, I am Nahua and speaking my mother tongue with the people of my community has made it easier to explain my life to them. worked”

The artist hopes to be able to introduce people to the lifestyle of the original peoples, which she considers to be highly appreciated abroad. “We have a cultural value and wealth that we don’t realize until someone from outside appreciates it”, Explain.

He is 22 years old and she remembers her passion for architecture, because it is something she has brought with her since she was a child, she grew up among bricks, mix, cement and construction, it was thanks to her father, a master bricklayer, that she learned what it was like to work on site and dreamed of growing up and build some spaces that will help improve people’s quality of life.

“Growing up in construction showed me that the satisfaction of building is great, it could even be more than painting, and getting to do this for people know the poverty rate in the region and that perhaps many people live at a very low level of marginality. big and being able to improve the quality of life of people is what prompted me to study architecture and continue with this”, details the artist.

She says that she went to work with her father and had his tools with which he taught her that there were no limits of physical strength or gender, on the contrary, always motivated her to do what she loved, always with discipline and today he seeks to focus on sustainable and accessible architecture that meets the needs of people.

What other talents does Laura have?

Another of his talents is photography. where she has found a focus and a special vision demonstrating through the lens her way of seeing life, it is through photography that she is putting together a time line of how she is advancing in her work “Photography has allowed me to share my way of seeing the world, because from the lens I portray nature and the environment”.

Among his plans is to create spaces where his artistic and architectural touch is combined, in each work capture a little of what his friends and local artists have taught him who have left a little of their knowledge in it, as well as follow in the footsteps of artists whom he admires as he is Remedios Varo, Leonora Carrington and Miguel Ángel, who motivate him to continue exploring even more and he hopes to carry out more community muralism in indigenous communities to fill the region with color and art.

Meet Laura Tezoco, a Nahua artist who creates, expresses and highlights culture