“Marche Terra d’Oltre”, a series of three meetings with Maximiliano Cimatti on the theme of emigration

RECANATI – The municipality has joined the VIII edition of the Grand Tour of Culture entitled “Cultural networks of solidarity in support of the community” which will take place from 25 November 2022 to 26 February 2023 with the “Marche terra d’oltre” exhibition, cycle of three evenings dedicated to the story of emigration and beyond, organized with the collaboration of the Cooperative Sistema Museo of Perugia and strongly supported by the Terre d’Oltre network, established last summer on the initiative of the cities of Recanati, Loreto and PortoRecanati with the aim of enhancing common territorial aspects such as culture, food and wine and spirituality.

Specifically, to tell in three literary readings held by the author and performer Maximiliano Cimatti the great epic of the Marche emigration, a phenomenon that widely affected the region especially in the period between the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century and which saw the territory of the three municipalities of the network among the areas most involved in depopulation in favor of countries such as Argentina and the United States.

The theme of emigration is common to many cities in the Marche, which for the occasion will be told with a current language and a broader look at the stories of those who have experienced emigration firsthand.Emigration 1

the Grand Tour of Culture 2022 intends to offer itself as an opportunity to reflect on new models of behavior, based on the synergy between public institutions, private citizens, associations as the emergency phase has now passed, which has imposed strict provisions to counter the spread of the pandemic of coronavirus, the Marche region suffered a new natural disaster, the devastating flood that affected in particular numerous municipalities in the provinces of Ancona and Pesaro Urbino, causing victims and damage to the cultural heritage.

The event represents an opportunity to invite the public to focus attention on the increasing awareness of the fragility of the natural environment, associated with the difficulties experienced by social, economic and cultural forces, which make the requests expressed in the so-called Faro Convention, aimed at underlining the need to launch effective cultural policies based on raising the awareness of institutions and populations, in order to create a widespread and common awareness, the result of the recognition of a participatory heritage, in which everyone must do their part .

“MettiamoCI in Gioco” is an invitation, addressed both to cultural institutes and to the public, to identify and take part in innovative and ‘playful’ ways of enhancing cultural heritage, capable of involving operators and visitors, with a view to participatory and responsible, highlighting how the issue represents an opportunity to consider the strategic role that our institutes can play in terms of greater awareness of territorial identity and the sense of belonging to the local reality.

Investigating the past also means re-appropriating the common roots as a function of the cultural development of the new generations, highlighting the role of local communities and promoting their knowledge and traditions and helping to strengthen territorial identity, social cohesion and well-being.

“Marche Terra d’Oltre”, a series of three meetings with Maximiliano Cimatti on the theme of emigration