Many look at what we appear, few see what we really are

yesIt would be good if people were as happy as they ‘evidence’ on social networks, that they were as in love with their partners as they publish on their walls and that they act as sincerely as they express it, almost constantly, in their smartphones.

Today, unfortunately, we have adopted the ugly habit of escaping from our reality only to project to others a life very different from the one we have.

We are more interested in publishing a photo that makes us look impeccable, that triggers ‘likes’ and tells others that ‘we are happy’, when in real life we ​​are empty.

I’m not saying that we can’t look at each other’s records through those digital tools. The idea is not to pour dirty water into the networks, but to try to be more authentic and obviously avoid living with ephemeral illusions.

Why do we pretend so much with having a life full of successes?

Because we want to be accepted at any cost. Sometimes we need to compensate for our emotional deficiencies and, in that order of ideas, we use states as defense mechanisms to cope with difficult times, or even to fit into the stereotypes imposed by society.

Total: We do our best to mask the essence.

Great care! We get nothing out of publishing images that promote our supposed fullness or that make us look nice and very smiling in front of others, when deep down we are shattered and crammed with difficulties.

Those erroneous records that we disclose only allow us to be led by appearances. If we fall into the excess of trying to ‘cover the sun with our hands’ or imitate models that ultimately do not make us happy, we will be easy prey for the evils of our time: depression and anxiety.

Each of us really knows who we are, what we really want to be, and what we can achieve. It shouldn’t matter to us whether or not others like what we do or how we achieve it.

For example, we should assume that you can have bad days and that they, with their vicissitudes, are part of life itself. If we ultimately understand that no one has an absolutely perfect life, setbacks will be more bearable.

No more double faces, no more retouched photographs and let’s leave behind that false projection of what we are not. Let’s speak the truth, put our feet on the ground and be honest with ourselves.

Let us accept what is happening to us with the greatest decorum possible. Let’s not pretend to think that we should live 24 hours a day in a state of maximum well-being, because sooner rather than later we will crash with moments of depression, sadness or anguish.


Testimony: “For some time now I have been surrounded by people who spend their time speaking ill of me, disavowing my way of thinking and creating discomfort around me. I don’t know how to make that kind of ugly attitudes not affect me. I would like you to offer me some of your sage advice, because those guys always drive me crazy.”

Answer: Do not ruin your day to day with the negative energies of others, do not give them the power to manage your way of thinking or feeling and, above all, never allow the foolishness of others to take away your serenity.

I tell you this because, if you give control of your daily life and your affairs to people who only want to “get on your nerves”, as you say, it is likely that you will annihilate yourself and, worse still, that it will end up undermining your self-esteem.

What people say behind your back reflects what they really are and they envy you. Please don’t get caught up in these rumours! Let gossips drown in their own speculations.

If you analyze it well, you are not the one with the problem; It is proven that people who get used to speaking ill of others, all they do is give themselves away and live bringing out the worst version of themselves.

I recently read that ‘people who do everything possible to get us away from them, we have to leave them behind, period’.

Put aside those people who are careless, irresponsible with their work or who automatically disdain everything you do.

Look at life with optimism! If something or someone brings out the worst in you, release it or let it go. There is nothing more beautiful than being at peace with yourself, because that state helps you grow as a person and transforms you for the better. Trust me and move on!


* Lighting a candle symbolizes bringing light to our wishes or prayers. A candle can be lit with a prayer for peace or a request for a specific healing. Reflect and think today why or who would dare to light one of them.

* Spirituality is not making assumptions, but discovering the best that is in each of us. Although faith also has to do with the belief in a Supreme Being, the truth is that we must connect with God and, at the same time, with that non-tangible part of ourselves.

* You, me and everyone in general must take a reasonable time to listen to ourselves and visualize a new horizon. If we did it with some regularity, we would learn to heal our hearts and keep so many nonsense out of our minds.

* Love the life you have, without being forced to resign yourself. The idea is that you begin, once and for all, to take charge of your life. Change that negative way of thinking and find something that really makes you happy and improves your current life.

Many look at what we appear, few see what we really are