Many people have the false image that spiritual people should maintain a life full of goodness, light, peace and loveand they cling to that absurd belief that spiritual beings are perfect…..not at all my friends….

There is NO perfect person, spirituality is a state of individual being, spirituality is knowledge, acceptance, cultivation of oneself, It has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that to be spiritual you must belong to a congregationa religion, because to connect with divinity you do not need intermediaries…..

They have gotten into our heads whenever we have to follow another to believe, or to become awarethey have programmed us to cling to the example, and they have given us a wrong image of what spirituality is, and we deify people who are as human as you and me.

a spiritual person has its own internal struggles just like you and mehe gets as angry or more than you or me, he feels as sad as you and me, he also has moments when he wants to throw everything away, he feels frustrated, he has problems like everyone else, he also has moments when he does not want to know Nothing from anyone like you and me, he wants to be alone, he doesn’t want to listen to his own conscience, he feels sexual desire like anyone else, he feels everything you feel…..

Who told you that because there are people who seek the way, they stop being human beings?????…. spiritual people are people who heal along the way but are not beings of lightThey are not perfect as you want to idealize them, they also have their own struggles and have to live with the constant pressure of society in which they cannot feel because they are setting a bad example.

Let’s leave that absurd pressure, spiritual guides are just that, guides who teach you a little of what they have learned along the way, who share their knowledge, but who They don’t have perfect lives, nor are they perfect.nor are they obliged to set an example, and are not obliged to show perfection and stop feeling and even less drowning just to keep others happy…..

Spirituality is a path of so many that there are, that you decide to follow, spirituality is a path towards our own consciousness, it is not a path to impress others, to earn the respect of others, It’s an individual path, and it comes with its package of good and bad feelings.because that is life, there is no absolute perfection…..

Positivity is the biggest lie that they have sold to the spiritual, we are angels and demons, sometimes light other times shadow, nothing to do, the mantra that if you are spiritual you should not, if you are spiritual you should not, if you are spiritual you have to be like this, if you are spiritual you should behave like this, if you are spiritual you should eat like this, if you are spiritual you should dress like that, if you are spiritual you should only listen to such music, coherence is not in how you manifest your things, coherence is only in not hurting the worldFor the rest, get angry, live, feel, dance, cry, scream, be vulnerable, eat what you want, dress how you want, listen to the music you want, do what you want, free yourself from that burden…….you came into the world to to have a human experience not to have others happy….

don’t force yourself to be who you are not by filling and fitting into stereotypesand pretend to be who you are not just for signaling, be who you want to be and that implies the whole package, others who think what they want…

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