Let’s stop deluding ourselves with the Full Moon in Pisces on September 10th

Each season of Virgo brings with it the desire to be more focused and organized, along with a more critical attitude that helps to choose what is best to focus on. In fact, every Virgo season also brings with it a Full Moon in Pisces: if a full moon indicates a release and a liberation, in the sign of dreams and spirituality it means returning with your feet on the ground. There Full Moon in Pisces on September 10th it is not asking you to give up your dreams, however useless and unattainable they may seem, but to commit to looking at them with a realistic gaze.

What does the Full Moon in Pisces of September 10, 2022 represent

The first part of this 2022 was dedicated to dreams and aspirations: Jupiter traveled in the sign of Pisces, representing the common desire to grow and improve a certain aspect of one’s life. On your way, you met Neptune, the planet of magic, spirituality, but also illusions, and our gaze moved towards previously unimaginable scenarios. We are therefore trying to realize this vision, but if we pursue an ideal it is really difficult to think that at a certain point we will be satisfied with the result. There Full Moon in Pisces this September 10th is the time to abandon these illusionsdrop ideals and focus on making your dreams realistically achievable.

However, it is not possible to arrive at this conclusion if you do not first clash with the sense of frustration and dissatisfaction: on this occasion the Moon is in tension with Mars to indicate the sense of fatigue and effort that one feels in front of a dream. half done. If you have the feeling of having worked hard, but not yet having achieved a satisfactory result, then you can choose to resize the goal, divide it into many small steps to take every day to see more clearly the way to go. The point, therefore, is no longer the dream, great and impossible, but the process that leads up to there. In true Virgo style, you choose a method, analyze the pros and cons, plan even the smallest details.

We know that Full Moons are the pinnacle moments of a lunar cycle, to use a metaphor we could imagine this moment as a full jar with the first drops starting to overflow. To continue to pour water and create a recirculation it is necessary to empty and abandon part of it: if we are talking about dreams and aspirations, making them achievable also means recalibrate their efforts without insisting on what is unachievable. For this reason, part of the burden that lets go with this Full Moon is largely emotional. Sometimes you get stuck in a dream or idea precisely because staying in hope offers some kind of emotional satisfaction – so to speak, it’s much scarier to get up and go to work than sitting there hoping and dreaming. It is comfortable and allows us to justify ourselves by blaming external factors for our incompleteness.

This Full Moon in Pisces asks you to let off steam also to stop feeling sorry for yourself and look at things objectively. Considering that the first day of Mercury retrograde occurs, a transit that emphasizes the need to review, reprogram and reflect, it is very likely that at first you may feel disoriented. Yet it is thanks to this outburst that one can make peace with oneself and get serious about review their plans, developing the concrete objectives that are so much sought. Recognize what you have done so far, but if you are still dissatisfied, consider that your road does not end here: indeed, it is about to begin.

Let’s stop deluding ourselves with the Full Moon in Pisces on September 10th