Laura Chimenti: I entrust myself to the Madonna and I pray the Rosary

In fact, her parents have always been fervent practicing Catholics, and they imparted to her a religious but not bigoted education, the same one she tries to pass on to her three daughters: Margherita, Bianca and Gloria, 16, 9 and 7 years old respectively.

A flag “planted” on the rock of prayer to God, and in particular to Mary through the Rosary:

The rosary dearest to me was given to me years ago by a father of the Bethany confraternity – a community of followers of Padre Pio that I met here in Rome, at La Storta – and who later became my spiritual father. I had revealed to him that I happened to dream of the devil and that, always in the dream, I began to pray the Rosary, the devil disappeared and Our Lady appeared. He told me it wasn’t a dream, but it was really the devil who came to me to try to undermine my very strong faith. He gave me a rosary and advised me to keep it under my pillow. Advice that I made mine and I have never abandoned. All this made me understand, even more, the power of Mary in defeating evil.

(Mary with you)

The second rosary to which she is attached, and which she always carries with her, is the one that was given to her years ago by Father Pancrazio, a direct follower of Father Pio, who passed away recently. To her question who she is for her Maria di lei replies:

“Maria, take care of it because I don’t know what to do”

Mary is my Mother. The Mother of love, of advice, of presence. I can’t touch it, but I feel it. I entrust myself completely to you and, when I do, situations and problems are resolved. I really tell her: “Maria, you take care of it because I don’t know what to do”. And she does so.


Requests for help, and of the most varied nature, which the presenter offers to the Celestial Mother every day:

While, however, the practical, immediate advice comes from my genetic mother (Mrs. Mariella, 72 years old, Editor’s note), the other, Maria’s, takes a little more time, let’s say so. But it always comes and, when it does, it is decisive.

(Mary with you)

Laura Chimenti: faith is a shield

Faith also helps her in her profession:

It’s a shield. My faith also helps while I work. I always pray. I pray while I’m in the car, in the morning, before entering Rai. Please before going live on the news. I pray to Our Lady and the Holy Spirit to give me serenity, to give me the right words.


Her favorite places of prayer are: the Sanctuary of the Tre Fontane in Eur and that of the Madonna del Miracolo in the center of Rome, as well as the sanctuary of San Francesco di Paola in Calabria, the land of origin of her family. Without forgetting San Giovanni Rotondo, as the devotion to Padre Pio is testified by one of her middle names, Pia. The other is Rita in honor of the saint of Cascia: two figures of saints to whom her mother was particularly devoted.

Father Pio

Mrs. Mariella, pregnant with Laura…

(…) he dreamed Padre Pio sitting at the table stroking the head of a blond little girl with blue eyes. He interpreted it as a blessing: he had seen me even before I was born.

(Mary with you)

The link with St. John Paul II

Even the three daughters of the presenter are linked to particular episodes:

(…) while waiting for my first daughter, Margherita, I dreamed of Pope John Paul II (…) who hugged me very tightly (…) Not only that: I got pregnant with Bianca, the second, on the day when John Paul II was proclaimed a saint and Glory , the little one, was born on Pope Francis’ birthday. In short, my daughters are well protected …


And it is precisely the protection of the family that he constantly asks of Our Lady, to whom he entrusts himself without reservations and with absolute trust.

Laura Chimenti: I entrust myself to the Madonna and I pray the Rosary