Knights of San Silvestro Association, meeting in Catanzaro between the various provincial delegations

On Saturday 24 September, between the vaults of the ancient Basilica dedicated to the Immaculate Conception in Catanzaro, the heavenly patron saint of the city, a moment of intense spirituality was celebrated which saw the participation of the brothers of the Silvestrino association, who came from the city and from the provincial delegations. regional, to find each other in prayer and friendship.
At the celebration, presided over by Mons. Luigi Casolini di Sersale, founder and president of the Sodality, attended at the altar by the ecclesiastical master of ceremonies, the canon Ciro Zeno.

The Directors and the representatives of the provinces of Reggio Calabria, Cosenza, Vibo Valentia, Crotone and Sersale symbolically guided by the Regional Delegate have found the doors of the city and the heart of the Catanzaro people wide open. There was no lack of relatives, friends and future members of the Sodality.
The liturgical service that assisted the celebrant was excellent and consolidated,
Particularly appreciated was the presence of the Prefect, Dr. Maria Teresa Cucinota and of the Mayor Nicola Fiorita, even more in consideration of the delicate moment linked to the elections.

The presence of the Authorities at the religious ceremony was intended to underline both the appreciation for the growing activity of the “Silvestrino Group” and the esteem that its members have been able to collect over time by operating silently in the social fabric.
There were many other authorities operating in important institutional sectors, health, entrepreneurship and culture.
Intense spiritual communion was not lacking with the Royal Archconfraternity of St. John the Baptist of the Knights of Malta ad honorem, led by the Prior Dr. Mario Cristiano, accompanied by some sisters and brothers of the prestigious ecclesial reality.

The Sodality, in fact, is known not only for the historical heritage that characterizes it but for its spiritual and moral commitment that makes it an object of esteem in the city and on the Italian territory.
For the Presidency, as well as to Msgr. Rector, attended by the Chancellor, Prof. Avv. Antonio Palma, president of the State Printing and Mint Institute and the V. Secretary General, the Count Grand’Uff. Paolo Sabatini, of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

At the beginning of the celebration, the canon parish priest of the Concattedrale, as well as the Marian shrine of the City, addressed a greeting address by the Metropolitan Archbishop, Msgr. Claudio Maniago, absent as he was engaged in Matera with the Holy Father and the Italian Episcopal Conference.
Touching are some passages from the homily taken from the Gospel of St. Luke and from the book of Qoelet, which highlighted the importance of living Christianity with humility and sincere service of one’s neighbor, in the awareness that life flows quickly and “Everything is” Vanità delle vanita ”destined to end.
Particularly exciting were the musical pieces that accompanied the celebration performed by the fusion of the competent choir “Ecce Homo” of Mesoraca and the choir SS Pietro and Paolo Ap. Di Petronà, both directed by the Director M ° Dr. Giorgio Versea and the organ M ° Rosario Folino both associated.
During lunch in a splendid structure in Sarrottino, surprisingly a welcome gift from the members of the Provincial Delegation of Catanzaro was delivered to the President, accompanied by the reading of a particularly significant and moving text.

At the end and always surprisingly, a commemorative plaque arrived, sent by the presidency of the provincial and regional delegation of the Calabrian knightly honors, also accompanied by words of esteem and affection.

No less excellent was the previous evening, organized in Sellia Marina, organized by the owner of a famous restaurant, an associate who, with affability and competence, made people taste local foods, thus allowing many who arrived in advance of the official date of the associative meeting , to get to know each other and start the Calabrian stay “great”.

The general applause and admiration towards the delegate Iolanda Santa de Furia, the board of directors and all the members, for the commendable organization did not wait to reach the Presidency which hopes that initiatives of such high spiritual, human and cultural value will be of example to other delegations on the territories.

Knights of San Silvestro Association, meeting in Catanzaro between the various provincial delegations – Catanzaro