Kamasutra: what position according to my astrological sign?

Aries – The Bridge

We had to attribute to the boldest of signs a position that will push him and his/her partner to challenge each other… The bridge position consists of straddling your partner, lifted on their back thanks to their limbs. On tiptoe to lighten your weight, you move back and forth on his body in an arc.

The Bull – The Magic Roundabout

Generous, faithful, good-natured but thoughtful, the position of the magic carousel will suit Taurus perfectly. The person penetrating is lying on their back, while the second partner sits on them with their backs to them, and moves back and forth while standing straight, thighs open and knees bent.

Gemini – The passion pretzel

Sociable, intelligent and curious, Gemini will find themselves perfectly in the passion pretzel. The two lovers face each other, one knee raised, and move back and forth. This position allows both partners to caress, kiss…

Cancer – The Lotus

Sensitive, intuitive, and with a strong need for stability and security, people with the sign of Cancer need to fully feel the affection and the body of their partner, which the Lotus position amply allows. The person who will enter sits cross-legged. His/her partner sits in front of her, on her thighs. She can hug the partner’s waist or hook her feet behind their back while standing with her hands at their shoulders. Ella will also be able to move her pelvis back and forth by contracting her abdominal muscles.

The Lion – The Andromache

Charismatic and proud, the Leo can satisfy his need for control and tender domination in the position of the andromaque. The person entering is lying on their back. His/her partner, astride her, imposes his own rhythm of back and forth.

The Virgin – The magic mountain

Realistic, practical and organised, people with the Virgo sign will greatly appreciate this variant of doggy style, which is more comfortable because it is performed using a cushion under the belly of the person being penetrated. Not having to concentrate on her bust and her hands thanks to the stacked comforters, she will be able to concentrate more on her pleasure…

Libras – The 69

Diplomats, courteous and conciliatory, Libras love giving as much as receiving. The position of 69 is therefore the one they need! Lying on their side, head to tail, the two partners face each other, stimulating their respective erogenous zones.

The Scorpion – The Embrace of the Scorpion

The aptly named scorpio hug will match perfectly with your personality if you are of the sign of Scorpio! Mysterious, seductive and indomitable, Scorpios will appreciate this lying position. It looks like your favorite sleeping position, except that the penetrated person’s legs are tucked under the penetrated person’s body.

Sagittarius – The position of the antelope

Honest and optimistic, Sagittarius is guided by their spontaneity. That’s why this position will go perfectly with his personality! The person penetrated has his legs cross-legged around the waist of his partner, leaning against a wall.

Capricorn – The Jackhammer

Hardworking, persevering but above all ambitious, Capricorn is assigned the most daring position in the Kamasutra! Strength, confidence, balance and flexibility are highly recommended… In a standing position, the penetrated person will extend their leg to place it above the shoulder of their partner, who can lean against a wall.

Aquarius – The Spoon

Creative, independent and humanistic, people under the sign of Aquarius will feel their wings grow with the spoon position. Lying on their side, the person penetrating stands behind the person being penetrated.

Pisces – The Boat

Intuitive, romantic, creative and altruistic, Pisces like to give pleasure. So to let yourself be carried along by the waves, nothing beats the position of the boat! Lying on their back, the person penetrating allows the comings and goings of the partner being penetrated, sitting cross-legged.

Kamasutra: what position according to my astrological sign?