Jade facial roller: how to use it and what are its benefits

They are everywhere on social media. Inspirational photos, workout videos, and before and after comparisons. Facial massagers are the new favorite gadget for people who are into the world of beauty. Either the rollers or the stone ‘Gua-sha’are postulated as an essential in any toiletry bag.

In any case, they also arouse skepticism. Can a seemingly simple gadget really transform the look of my face? Yes and no. Of course, magic does not make or change your life. But they do have some of the most interesting benefits.

Its main virtue lies above all in the action of the massage itself. Although the stone from which the roller is made also has certain properties. Specifically, jade symbolizes purity, health and spirituality in oriental culture, where it has been used as a beauty ally for centuries.

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Jade Facial Roller Benefits

The jade stone is credited with healing abilities. Among them, its ability to expel toxins, revitalize the skin and slow down cell aging. It also has soothing properties and improves the texture of the complexion.

But beyond the mineral that makes up the roller, what brings the most advantages is the action of the massage itself that is exercised with it. Consistency with facial massagers improves the appearance of the complexion. Firstly, because they stimulate circulation and relieve tension in the facial muscles.

They exert a kind of lifting effect that prevents and reduces wrinkles and expression lines. It also relieves inflammation and decongests the face, effects that are reinforced because the stone is also usually cold.

This massage helps to drain liquids and relaxes the facial expression, often conditioned by tension and grimaces. Improves the elasticity and firmness of the skin and also combats redness and acne. As if that were not enough, it is a great help to provide luminosity and reduce the appearance of bags and dark circles.

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How to use a jade facial roller

The massage with the jade facial roller must be done with a clean face, after applying the serum or cream, to enhance its effects. You have to start with the large head in the forehead area, making upward movements from between the eyebrows to the hairline.

Moving on to the contour of the eyes, with the smallest head of the roller it is massaged starting from the tear duct towards the outer end of the eyebrow. In the center of the face, we return to the large head and massage from the nose up to the temples. Then from the nose to the ears.

To conclude, we start from the chin and border the jaw to the ears. In the neck, the upward movement begins at the clavicles and works its way up to the jaw line.

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Jade facial roller: how to use it and what are its benefits