Toluca, State of Mexico, November 23, 2022.-

Pop provocateur and muse of the moment, Izzy Camina, today shares her new single and video ‘Alprazalam’, and announces details of her upcoming EP ANG3L NUMB3RS, due for release in early 2023. Written by Izzy and co-produced between her and Aaron C. Harmon (Doja Cat, Diplo, Blackbear), ‘Alprazalam’ follows recent single ‘Freak Baby’, as well as his collaboration with global fashion house Celine earlier this year, where he produced the original soundtrack for his SS22 show with creative director, Hedi Slimane.

On ‘Alprazalam’, Izzy references astrological symbolism both through the song’s lyrics and in a more literal sense, as she embodies a crustacean in the songs’ kinetic imagery. The elements combine to deliver a moving statement on addiction and escapism. Izzy explains: “’Alprazalam’ refers to Alprazolam, the generic name for Xanax. The lyrics allude to both my friends and a woman I grew up with who struggled with tranquilizer/opiate abuse. She is Cancer, the sensitive crab that would never come out of her bedroom (her shell of hers) and was absent for much of my childhood. In addition to being inspired by that astrological archetype, I am hands-free throughout the entire video. Not “of this world” and trying to escape from that painful reality. The image is playful, absurd and punk, but there is a dark and melancholic undertone to both the video and the song.”

Where the hazy bedroom pop of Izzy’s 2020 debut EP Nihilist In The Club quickly garnered critical acclaim from iD, NME, Dazed, Guardian, Interview Magazine and more: ANG3L NUMB3RS sees Izzy Camina arrive real and urgent . An evolutionary leap that was first ushered in by the empathetic and aggressive previous single ‘Freak Baby’ – her new direction sees her taking the staples of future pop, breaks, jungle and techno and shooting them through a prism of Gen-influences. Z. spanning across the thematic realms of spirituality, consumerism and the digital future with unflinching ease. ANG3L NUMB3RS takes a trenchant and witty look at the zeitgeist, seen through the lens of Izzy’s own experiences.

Photo: Courtesy of the artist

In the spirit of the EP, Izzy encapsulates; “As humanity drives toward self-annihilation, some of us harbor a deep faith in our species: our ability to adapt, invent, and overcome. Some of us believe that we are on the footsteps of a new golden age, a techno-utopia, where true equality and liberation will be achieved in the metaverse. On the contrary, many of us have given up hope, staring into oblivion. As climate and social change looms, our imperative to procreate, the biological core of our existence, is becoming obsolete, leaving us confused and desperate. This EP is a tongue-in-cheek commentary on the collective pseudo-psychosis surrounding our inevitable demise, along with some of my own anecdotal experiences regarding love, despair, and the need to feel safe or “watched” in these last days.

I realize that young people, especially girls, are given the “spirituality” of cookbooks through the algorithm of Tiktok and Instagram. “Angel Numbers”, manifestation, tarot, and a return to traditionally pagan/OG esoteric belief systems. Ironically, technology is the vehicle by which psychological snake oil is delivered to us. ANG3L NUMB3RS is for lost souls looking for something to believe in in the midst of this collective mania. It’s for those of us who walk the line, dancing between the binary of faith and hopelessness. A profound release when we let go, scream, dance and seize the day before it’s over, preferably at 160 BPM.”

Born in Los Angeles, raised in northern New Jersey, of legal age in London, and now a resident of her home metropolis of New York City, the multifaceted struggles to describe her music. “Britney Spears cyberpunk?” she reflects in an interview. Indeed, Izzy’s range of influences ranges from the hectic MTV industrial thump of White Zombie to the pristine pop of Ariana Grande, whom she remixed during her tenure at SB-Projects. Her self-produced EP, Nihilist In The Club, featured ‘UP N DOWN’, a song described by NME as “A paean to the saturnalia of youth and all the bass that comes after”. It was this track that was organically discovered by Celine’s creative director, Hedi Slimane, who then commissioned Izzy to compose an original version for his SS22 ‘Cosmic Cruiser’ fashion show. Cue a career-stopping pandemic for her: Her next chapter, inspired by the Gen-Z-powered jungle renaissance, is set to grace us in the new year. Stay tuned for more.

Listen to our interview with Izzy on Mexiquense Radio.

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