Is Christian Nodal single again? Mhoni Vidente talked about his love life

Christian Nodal he turned 24 on January 11. The Mexican regional music performer had a rather hectic 2023 in love affairs, since he started it committed to Belinda and ended it in love with Cazzu. Mhoni Vidente decided, at the beginning of this year, to reveal what fate has in store for the interpreter of ‘Adiós amor’.

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“The letter of the wheel of fortune is behind him, he is going to break it,” said the Cuban, which means that his musical career this year will make him shine like never before. The expert mentions among her achievements a new album, several awards, an international tour and a lot of money. Instead, when drawing another card, the death card, he warns that the family and the couple have to take care of themselves. Mhoni Vidente “advised” Nodal to seek spirituality and help others.

Mhoni Vidente on Nodal: “Keep breaking hearts”

The Cuban seer, who lives in Mexico, also referred to the affective part of Christian Nodal, who is “officially” Cazzu’s boyfriend, the Argentine artist for whom he got a spider web tattoo on his forehead. “I still see them together the first few months, but after a lawsuit, a very serious problem in matters of being unfaithful, he completely breaks up with this singer.” Mhoni Vidente also says that the singer, who by nature of his sign, even if he has a partner, will not be able to avoid affairs, “continues to shine more than ever and break hearts.”

Nodal is with Cazzu, but he keeps naming Belinda

Christian Nodal and Belinda fell in love when they met as a coach on ‘La Voz México’. The interpreter of ‘Adiós amor’ closed a restaurant in Barcelona to ask her to be his wife, but on February 12, a few days before Valentine’s Day, collapsed social networks with the announcement of their breakup.

The artist, born in Caborca, Sinaloa, who had tattooed the same number of tributes to his girlfriend in four different places on his anatomy, began to transform them. Cazzu appeared on the scene, in May 2022. They met in a presentation by the Mexican, who invited her to sing with him If you are missing someone. A few days later, the paparazzi caught them in Guatemala, holding hands and eating ice cream. They denied that they were dating, but the Argentine became his companion and it was usual to see her at the concerts of the singer of Botella tras botella.

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In November of last year, Nodal and Cazzu paraded, for the first time as a couple, on the red carpet of the Latin Grammys. When the singer went up to receive the award for Best Ranchera/Mariachi Music Album, he thanked the Argentine.

But at a concert, about to perform Eso y más, the singer dedicated the song to Cazzu, but before doing so he said, “I regret having dedicated it earlier”alluding to the dedication that he made to Belinda in the past

Is Christian Nodal single again? Mhoni Vidente talked about his love life