Irene Grandi / “For Vasco they are his version in a skirt: I met him when I was 13 and …”


There will be also Irene Grandi in the usual, rich cast of guests of “Very true”the usual rotogravure between showbiz and gossip broadcast on Canale 5: and in the first of the two weekend appointments with the program conducted by Silvia Toffanin it will make its welcome back to the studioafter the guest of 2020, the 52-year-old Tuscan singer-songwriter who will tell not only about her private life but above all about her latest recording effort since yesterday is back in heavy rotation on Italian radios.

Waiting to find out what he will tell Irene Grandi to the hostess during her stay, the artist born in 1969 from Florence made a pleasant surprise to her fans by publishing the song “And then”, his very personal tribute to the great Mina. In fact, the song is in fact a cover of that little masterpiece – written for her by Shel Shapiro and Andrea Lo Vecchio – that the person directly interested in her recorded way back in 1973, for what over the years became one of the greatest hits of the ‘Tigre di Cremona’. Obviously it is one very personal rereading of that piece with a lot of blues veins and arrangements that also see the Hammond organ as protagonist (played for the occasion by Pippo Guarnera).


Meanwhile, during the summer, Irene Grandi she told herself after a period of silencerevealing some details of her new life after the age of 50: and if the Tuscan singer-songwriter spoke to the ‘Corriere della Sera’ about the new spirituality that pervades her (“Now I teach yoga to fans”) and the meeting with Vasco Rossi from a very young age, in the ‘Fatto Quotidiano’, he mentioned instead the marriage ended with Lorenzo Doni. But let’s go in order: “I was 13 and we were in the mountains, near Zocca: Vasco had been waiting for a while and I yelled at him ‘Get a slice of my pizza, the one with artichokes!’ … Then I met him when I was older to engrave ‘Your girlfriend always’ and I told him, but he didn’t remember anything and laughed ”. Then from there a true friendship with Blasco was born: “We used to go to a little place secretly for the french fries, because if he leaves the house it is a mess: but with him he drank more than anything else Champagnewe always opened a bottle … He liked my saucy air and said that I was a Vasco in a skirt“.

In relation to theinterview granted to ‘Fact’Irene Grandi retraced her career also talking about the passion for the blues and the themed tour that led her to travel around Italy, but also shedding light for the first time on the problems experienced in the last period, between pandemic and private life. “I face breaking fragile ties in both spheres: unfortunately even in marriage I have realized that a healthy selfishness persists inside me from which I cannot detach myself”, the 53-year-old cut short, suggesting how end of marriage with his Lorenzo was also due to the will of Grandi di privilege work.


Irene Grandi / “For Vasco they are his version in a skirt: I met him when I was 13 and …”