Interview with Flo Delavega: “I don’t like to go where I’m expected”

France Dimanche: What is your book about?

Flo Delavega : It’s an autobio-fantastic book, in the sense that I was inspired by something a little imaginary, but in which I also retrace my initiatory journey and the path that I have undertaken for ten years, in the awakening of my own consciousness and the quest for my dreams. It is a parallel between poetry and autobiographical narrative.

FD: How did the desire to pass on your experience come about?

FD: This book was born in 2016, when I stopped the Fréro Delavega adventure. I then think about who I am and who I want to be. It is a pivotal moment in my life when I enter into my own spirituality. Like a somewhat scattered puzzle that was being built over time. When I decided, after a few years as a hermit in the forest, to come back into the spotlight with a record, I also wanted to write a book. To come back in a different way, to tell my story and pass on what I had experienced.

FD: Why did you stop everything in full success?

FD: This success is something outside of me. True success is being happy, aligned with who I am. At that time, I was experiencing an inner crisis that was becoming too overwhelming. I couldn’t keep pretending anymore, even though everything we were going through was great. I needed silence and to understand my place in this world. I don’t like to go where I am expected, I want to go where my heart tells me to go!

FD: What has fatherhood changed for you?

FD: Fatherhood arrived when I was in an extreme and intense idealism. I deeply believed in degrowth, I wanted to be autonomous. I had found what was the right side between the good guys and the bad guys. And I had closed myself off a lot. When my son arrived, he really revealed all my contradictions. Children teach us more than we think.

FD: What are your projects?

FD: I will continue to write songs, and maybe another book. But I don’t plan anything, except to continue to make my way on this Earth. I have the chance to live from my art and to be free.

FD: A return of Fréro Delavega?

FD: It’s not planned at all. We broke up six years ago now, and we don’t see each other that much. We no longer have the same lives. But it’s not that I don’t want to!

On the way to dreams, ed. Youth, €16.90.

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Interview with Flo Delavega: “I don’t like to go where I’m expected”