In Saint

As a local for some time in disused and in need of important restoration and rehabilitation interventions conservative a stopping place intended for pilgrims and hikers: the future of parish house of Saint-Rhémy-En-Bosses is closely linked to an investment equal to about 400 thousand euros who hopes to see it soon converted into a social hospitality facility. Should the administration be able to partially reduce costs made high by recent price increases as well as to obtain a specific funding from the Galthe project would have a way to take off already in next spring.

“Sustainable tourism”

Saint-Rhémy-En-Bosses plays a valuable tourist role as a crossroads of a regional and international nature but suffers frominsufficiency within the tourism system of the territory of an adequate offer of reception facilities various.

Precisely this felt lack has prompted “both the Common is there Parish of Saint-Léonard to establish forms of collaboration aimed at guaranteeing a more complete implementation of social hospitality services as well as oriented towards the architectural improvement and landscape enrichment of the area – we read in the municipal resolution that gives the whole project the go-ahead -. We are in fact in full accordance with the philosophy of Gal to follow a local development strategy by promoting a form of sustainable tourism implemented in close relationship with the environmental, agricultural and productive sectors connected to rurality “.

The project

After presenting to the Gal the final question for i 100 thousand euros of contribution requested and having seen it approved by the Council technical-economic feasibility study related to the initiative, the municipal administration says it is ready to take the next steps in the direction of the restructuring and conversion of the parish house in the town.

“Unfortunately, faced with a 40% increase in energy and raw material costswe should evaluate to be able to combine the expenditure with the congruity of the investment and the availability of sufficient municipal funds – explains the mayor of Saint-Rhémy-En-Bosses, Alberto Ciabattoni -. If we succeed in reduce this investment which is currently onerous by at least 30% as well as possibly to find further European contributions specifically addressed to the Via Francigenawe are sure that our initiative will be able to go satisfactorily ”.

In the event of a successful outcome of the municipal purposes, the work on the plexus must be compulsorily completed by October 2023.

“The goal is to plan future actions during the winter months – clarifies the mayor -. This will hopefully allow us to succeed in contract out and commence interventions at the latest between April and May 2023“.

The parish house

The religious building, unused for years and subject to rapid deterioration, will be changed in its intended use only partially because, alongside the two floors used as a stopoverthe remaining space will be dedicated to premises for the needs of communities and citizens.

“The structure, for the management of which we plan to launch a tender once the works have been completed, will allow accommodate from 15 to 20 people inside rooms specially designed for overnight stays, to which is added a further floor used as kitchen and living room to prepare and eat meals in total autonomy – he continues Slippers -. Being exactly on the religious path of the Via Francigenawhich over the years has only increased the number of pilgrims who frequent our valley, our will is to, without failing to make significant efforts, to complete the project compatibly with the containment of its expenses “.

In Saint-Rhémy-En-Bosses the parish house becomes an excursion stop – Aostasera