How to properly use your parental intuition or sixth sense?

Have you ever had a flash, felt very strong emotions, anticipated an event concerning your child? It may be your parental intuition or sixth sense. What is it exactly ? Sandytatoo, a medium artist connected to good deeds, sheds light on the subject.

What is called the 6th parental sense?

Parental sixth sense, or parental intuition, is an invisible language that communicates with us to awaken all of our parental senses, which are our primary senses at the level of our genetic DNA. It is an instinctive, primary and primate tool that manifests itself mainly for the survival of our offspring, in order to help us accompany the evolution of our children. Instinctively, as animals in captivity still do, this very heightened 6th sense allows us to anticipate possible dangers, but it can also be extremely positive.

This intuition is necessary for the parent to accompany his child, to be a landmark, a support, a crutch. Intuition serves to bring wisdom when needed, engine when a little juice is needed. It is the deep inner feeling of the parent who will seek in himself what is purest to help the development of his child.

What is the difference with the maternal instinct?

Parental intuition is visceral and sensitive. It is completely automated, in a natural way, we do not really control this feeling, sometimes even against our own will or in proportions that we cannot manage to channel. It often goes beyond common sense. This sixth sense, we all have it in a very natural way. The maternal instinct is a guidance, which can intervene during decision-making of a practical or elementary order. Not all women have the maternal instinct, we are not all equal in our maternal abilities. Intuition is a little ahead of the present, it’s not clairvoyance. Mothers are very strong at feeling these emotions, sometimes even from pregnancy.

Parental intuition is very helpful in making immediate choices about our children. A stressed or anxious parent may tend to anticipate, in a very intuitive way, an accident concerning his child. The mind quickly takes over and makes him imagine the worst scenarios. Intuition is being rather serene and then being seized suddenly, without prior trigger, by a terror in the form of a flash of vision, for example, which would anticipate a potential accident. We suddenly say to ourselves “An accident is going to happen”, we are convinced of it because it is beyond our understanding. It’s not something that is woven upstream but rather at the time of the action. The mind is very anticipatory while the intuition is not. Intuition will not prevent anything, but will confirm that if something has to happen, then this thing will happen, whether we anticipated it or not. Nevertheless, if we start to be emotionally overwhelmed in just a few seconds, that we feel overwhelmed, we must listen to ourselves and make sure to delay the moment, so that things go as well as possible.

It can appear in the form of flashes, feelings, including from a distance. Many mothers have already told me that they intuitively felt ailments, disturbances in their body (headache, headache) a few hours before something happened to their child.

Can one have intuition for only one of his children?

The first child “turns on the light”. If a mother is enlightened for her eldest, then she will naturally be enlightened for her other children. But it may be that a woman, not sufficiently informed about spirituality, connection, etc. when she had her first child, did not become aware of her intuition at that time. Parental intuition can manifest itself years later.

There are 2 schools, psychological and spiritual. For the first, if a parent does not feel intuition, it may be for the simple reason that he is only connected to his child by the reality of the facts, for several reasons: a lack of availability, because the dialogue is not deep, the communication not optimal… Age is also to be taken into account. A young mother can quickly feel overwhelmed and not listen to her parental intuition for fear of doing wrong, out of guilt, because she lacks very pure knowledge, because she herself is not completely guided.

For the 2nd school, spiritual, the absence of parental intuition can be explained by the fact that the parent does not listen to himself enough, that he does not trust his natural feelings which are however magical, divine or invisible. . The thoughts that come to him seem banal to him instead of being luminous, guided by a lucky star. In both cases, there must be a personal listening between the parent and himself, sufficiently stable and wise, to allow and authorize himself to have accompanying and benevolent thoughts for his child.

The first rule to know is above all not to imagine that you can be a good parent every day! We remain human beings doing our best, with some days more difficult than others, more wobbly. We have the right to have less patience at times, you just have to be aware of it and have a positive attitude towards yourself! Let’s try before judging things. Do not hesitate to open your heart.

Parents must remain curious to learn, to seek, to question themselves without dispersing themselves (one problem after another), to self-coach to help themselves get even better, to better understand their child. When we feel, we no longer judge ourselves, we parasitize ourselves much less, we live their emotions more intensely and intuition is more fluid. It’s important to become aware of being who we are, without overdoing it and trying to be someone else.


How to properly use your parental intuition or sixth sense?