How to cultivate your spirituality?

A definition of spirituality

Fabrice Midal is a philosopher, writer, teacher in meditation and author at Flammarion “The five doors, Find the path of your spirituality”. He defends a spirituality quite far from the idea that we commonly have of it (ethereal, abstract spirituality, disconnected from reality) and deconstructs the false ideas about spirituality which must above all be a means of better accepting our humanity, our individual finitude and to keep confidence in the movement of life. In short, you have to learn above all not to blame yourself for being what you are and to cultivate this peace with yourself and the outside world.

The philosopher defines spirituality as “recognizing the human being as a whole, learning to stay connected wherever we are, accepting not to reduce the human being to a box. It invites us to incarnate ourselves, to better see the whole of reality, to reconnect with one’s desire and one’s vocation. It teaches us not to be simply what society wants us to be, to learn not to let ourselves be reduced to our problems and our imperfections. It’s trying to see the world as the permanent wonder of a child”.

It is often wrongly considered that spirituality is to cut oneself off from one’s own desire when it is precisely the opposite! Take Proust. As soon as he eats his madeleine, time stops as if he were reconciled with his humanity

Five spiritual profiles: and you, what open door are you?

Fabrice Midal proposes 5 spiritual paths, five gates that correspond to five energies. He proposes

a test to perform, also available online, which allows you to become aware of your spiritual profile. Which one would allow you to better cultivate this spirituality in your daily actions?

  • The red door. It’s the joy of getting in touch

“Red like the fire that vibrates, like a movement that crosses us. It’s entering into a relationship, feeling the bond, entering into a form of empathy. You like things to be tender, moving. You don’t have fear of emotions and you have a form of discriminating intelligence, but when you don’t open this door which is yours, this quality within you, you cannot commit.

Your spiritual peak is to relate to the world

  • The blue door. The joy of clarity

It is wanting to see clearly. You want to understand, that everything is given and you have the quality of succeeding in perceiving the smallest detail as a whole in each given situation. Your mind is like a mirror that translates any situation to you. But, when you fail to open this door, you can become sharp since not everyone has the same desire for clarity. But behind this anger, there is this deep desire that inhabits you, this intelligence, this desire for justice and sometimes you have to try to detach yourself from the certainty that you are right.

  • The white door. The happiness of being fully confident

Your deepest desire is to be at peace, it is the pleasure of not being disturbed. You have a quality, you are open, you are extremely welcoming. There is really something very soft, delicate in you. And when you don’t open that door, you can get a little stubborn because you don’t want to be rushed, rushed. You’re a little lost.

  • The yellow door. The happiness of fullness

You like to give, that everything is full, that the world is immersed in happiness, and always with real intensity. You immediately sense what would be needed in a situation to make it better, to be full. But when you don’t recognize it’s within you, you feel like that wealth is outside of you, which sometimes creates tension, a feeling of poverty that feels like they’re not being taken care of. don’t give enough, that we are not grateful enough, that we are not generous enough.

  • The green door. The joy of acting

It’s about being constantly caught up in the action, with the right rhythm and things happening on their own. But when you don’t open the door, you can be obsessed with the result and no longer feel the joy of doing. We compare ourselves all the time, we become paranoid, we are jealous because we cannot trust the movement of the action itself. Do simple actions by dropping the obsession with the result, allow yourself to experience the pleasure of doing what I do while I do it”.

We can also learn to manifest the five doors, the five energies to be able to be extremely flexible, it makes things much more beautiful.


Fabrice Midal, philosopher and writer, founder of the Western School of Meditation, collection director at Pocket and Plon. Author of

“The 5 doors” (Flammarion, January 2022).


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How to cultivate your spirituality?