How to be more spiritual this 2023

Just like how resolutions, trends or fashions are renewed every year.

What trends in the area of ​​health and wellness can we expect for this 2023?

Today our Comprehensive Health Advisor, Charo Ortiz, brings us up to date.

Hello, welcome to this new cycle. And to start off on the right foot. Today I want to share one of the different trends that will be very fashionable during 2023, according to Forbes magazine. In total there are 10 trends that I want to share with you, but today, in order not to waste time, we will talk about the first one. Is about..

  1. Being spiritual:

This is a term that is of course not new and its definition may differ, depending on the context. Within the context of well-being and personal health, being spiritual is a term that refers to how a person feels in relation to their connection with a higher being, something bigger and more powerful than oneself, to the religious beliefs of each person, or also to the sense of purpose and meaning in the life of each individual. In this context, “spiritual being” refers to the practice of looking within. That is, to take action to know yourself.

You may wonder, how can we be spiritual?

Well, a simple habit to begin to know yourself is to take time to be in total silence, either through breathing exercises or meditation. Remember that meditation is not an activity that is linked to a religious practice. In fact, meditating is not something that is done, it is rather something that is. For example, you are meditative when you say a prayer, when you stare at the sky just to admire the clouds, the color of the horizon, etc. Or when you sit in a park admiring the landscape or go for a walk and focus on how you breathe, the landscape and how you feel, instead of paying attention to the thousands of thoughts that go through your head.

And finally, you will wonder, what good is it to my spiritual being?

Being spiritual promotes feelings of harmony and inner peace, as well as happiness, which play a very important role in overall health and well-being. One of the advantages of knowing oneself, through spirituality, is that it helps us to stop for a moment, leaving daily activities aside. When you stop simply to breathe or admire a landscape or say a prayer for just a few minutes a day, you can identify how you feel, what affects you, what you want to change in your life, and you can even stop to be meditative just to Appreciate yourself with mistakes and virtues. This practice also fosters qualities such as compassion and forgiveness.

And my question for you at home is… and how do you plan to put being spiritual into practice this 2023?

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Charoh Ortiz

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How to be more spiritual this 2023