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The phenomenon will occur this Tuesday, June 14, and it is the first of the three that there will be in the year. How it will affect you according to your zodiac sign.

This first summer or winter Moon – in the northern and southern hemispheres respectively – is known as the Strawberry Moon.

It should be noted that this name comes from an ancient tradition of the Algonquians, a group of Native Americans who took this Moon as a sign to harvest wild strawberries. And that’s where its particular name comes from.

The Strawberry Supermoon will not negatively influence any of the zodiac signs; However, that does not mean that everything remains the same, since its influence will bring out all the senses and will have a positive influence so that insecurities go away and therefore there will come times when it is necessary to bring out the best version and help others.

It will particularly affect Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio and Aquarius:

Taurus: People under this sign will have to face a reunion with themselves, because the light of the strawberry supermoon will make them fall into a process of reflection that, unlike other moments, will help them find all the answers they are looking for . It is even possible that those who are in search of their person, feel motivated to start in spirituality and that is why this event is perfect for a meditation session.

Cancer: This sign is characterized by being guided by feelings and emotions, something that can cause certain problems in the long run, especially when things do not end as planned. So you should take advantage of this approach of the Moon to the Earth to nourish yourself with security and make the most of it in all aspects of your life; After June 14, important decisions can be made, since the stars will be in your favor.

Virgo: The strawberry supermoon will also affect Virgos, who must prepare to face themselves, as the influence of this event will help them find all the answers they are looking for. That is why after 6:00 p.m. you must begin to keep in mind the question you want to answer, because you will be given the clarity that will help you personal growth.

Scorpio: The most affected sign on June 14 will be Scorpio, because the influence of the strawberry supermoon will make them go through a moment of anguish and anxiety that will make them want to get away from everyone, at least as long as the shades of the moon disappear for complete; however, this will make them feel very alone, so they will have to fight against their thoughts and find comfort in them. The next day, it is very likely that they will find the motivation that they lacked to fill themselves with energy and to make decisions that they had postponed.

Aquarium: On the other hand, Aquarians will also feel that loneliness embraces them during the strawberry supermoon; however, they will take advantage of its influence to rediscover themselves both emotionally and physically. Even if you feel alone next Tuesday, you must remember that it is only a process of reflection that will allow you to “be born” again.

For the other signs

Aries: Rebirth and organization are two issues you should focus on.

Gemini: It is time to give value to the things of the heart, more than to reason.

Leo: Surround yourself with people who bring you positive things and not negative issues.

Pound: Follow your instincts and your impulses, put aside what others want from you.

Sagittarius: Time for changes, how to plan that long-awaited trip and why not, even a change of residence could benefit you.

Capricorn: Show yourself as you really are, do not be afraid to express what you really feel.

Pisces: You can take the opportunity to be in contact with the water, whether in the sea or a pool, spend time with yourself.

How the Strawberry Supermoon will affect each zodiac sign | NoticiasNet – Information from Rio Negro, Patagones and the coast.