Homes and studios of illustrious people in Europe, the path starts from Cesena with an international conference

Last February, with the approval of the Law 2/2022 dedicated to the “Recognition and enhancement of the homes and studies of exponents of the world of history, culture, arts, politics, science and spirituality”, the Emilia-Romagna Region has started a process of recognition that the structures affected by legislation proposes to implement good practices, and to those who intend to apply to be part of the “Houses and studios of illustrious people“Requests to participate in an accompanying path also carried out through training courses and conferences. Friday 23 September 2022, in Cesena, in the Sozzi room of the Palazzo del Ridotto, from 9.30 to 13.30, the international conference “Houses and studies of illustrious people in Europe”, first meeting of study and comparison, which aims to increase knowledge of the wider context in which these cultural places so particular are found to act, highlighting examples of best practicesongoing experiments and future-oriented planning.

After the institutional greetings of the Director of the Malatesta Library, Culture and Tourism Sector of the Municipality of Cesena Elisabetta Bovero, the video “Houses and studios of illustrious people of Emilia-Romagna. Cultural landscapes ”, created by the artist and photographer Luca Bacciocchi. The first session will then open, consisting of three interventions moderated by the museologist Rosanna Pavoni.

Cristina Ambrosini, archaeologist and manager of the Cultural Heritage Sector of the Emilia-Romagna Region, will introduce the theme of the enhancement of the houses and studios of the illustrious people of Emilia-Romagna within the cultural strategies of the RegionAnd. Marco Marchetti, project manager at the General Delegation for Transmission, Territories and Cultural Democracy of the French Ministry of Culture, will present the “Maisons des Illustres” brand for which he is responsible. Monica Bietti, art historian, coordinator of the ICOM Italia Case Museum group, will review the strengths of the museum houses, places where you can enter through a door and find yourself in history.

The second session, entrusted to Cristina Ambrosini, it will open with the contribution with which Rosanna Pavoni, former president of the DEMHIST International Committee House Museums ICOM, will bring attention to the “Milanese Stories” project, a path that starts from domestic intimacy to lead to museum familiarity. Simon Daniels, director of Handel & Hendrix in London, will talk about the future projects of the museum which, centuries later, unites two famous “neighbors”: musician George Frideric Handel and guitarist Jimi Hendrix.

Claudia Collina, art historian, head of the Enhancement Office of the Cultural Heritage Sector of the Emilia-Romagna Region, will propose a reflection on the narration of the cultural heritage inherited by the architects, with examples of integrated enhancement on the territoryI. The final intervention, with an invitation to travel to the homes of the illustrious, will be entrusted to Vittorio Ferorelli, journalist and official of the Cultural Heritage Sector of the Emilia-Romagna Region.

The appointment takes place in conjunction with the “Ilarian Year”, the tribute that the city of Cesena dedicates to the architect and artist Ilario Fioravanti, of which in 2022 are the centenary of his birth and the tenth anniversary of his death.
His House of the Hoopoe, in Sorrivoli di Roncofreddo, is listed in the guide bookHomes and studios of the illustrious people of Emilia-Romagna“(Edited by Cristina Ambrosini and Claudia Collina, Bologna, Bologna University Press, 2022), first mapping of the places affected by the Regional Law 2/2022.

The conference is curated by Cristina Ambrosini, Claudia Collina and Rosanna Pavoni, with the organizational support of ComunicaMente. Admission is free with a request for confirmation of participation; for sending confirmations and for further information:

Homes and studios of illustrious people in Europe, the path starts from Cesena with an international conference