HISTORY. “When I was two I guessed the songs starting from three notes. Today I sing about the neuroses of society and with music I help young people and the elderly “

When he was thirteen he played the guitar, but at the age of two his father challenged him by putting him to the test: strumming three notes he had to guess the title of the song. Since then, the passion for music has never been extinguished, indeed over the years it has rekindled. He was also a finalist in Castrocaro and at the Andrea Parodi World Music Award, working for the Polygram and Peer Music labels and collaborating with Cheope Mogol and Lavezzi.

Lino Pinna, Bustese singer-songwriter, has music in his blood and on Friday evening he will unleash his skills as a fine, subtle and ironic singer-songwriter in a concert at “Qui”, the former Redaelli club, in via Scisciana, 20 in Busto Arsizio ( 9 pm, info and reservations at 0331 370 786 or 329 6560807, free admission with drink). It will also be an opportunity to launch a new and young singer-songwriter, Athena Coia.

Today’s neuroses and the alternative of spirituality

He who knows how to tell the problems and neuroses of contemporary society in an ironic and subtle way, never forgets that path of spirituality, the only one capable of resolving conflicts. «The symbolic song – he explains – of this neurosis is“ I never enjoy myself ”, where I want to show that our society has a lot, but it is never satisfied. It is not in having that satisfaction is found, but in being. We fill gaps with material things that end up destroying us ».

Thus in his songs flow themes of extreme topicality and social urgency such as the recovery of the meaning of life, the tension towards a spiritual and non-material path. Many masters who inspired him. «I started playing guitar with Bennato – he says – but I was also inspired by the models of De Andrè, De Gregori, Rino Gaetano, Giorgio Gaber, Franco Battiato, Sergio Caputo. And today I appreciate Daniele Silvestri, Vinicio Capossela and Caparezza ». Therefore, the “exempla” that led the Bustese singer-songwriter to a very original style that ranges from various musical genres, from pop to Latin, from acoustic to electronic up to rap, playing imaginatively with sounds and atmospheres.

From electrocution to song

He composes two types of songs: the ironic ones where he makes fun of society, of institutions, the “Trap-olà” (rap genre), but he likes to mix more styles as he likes. He is a pop singer-songwriter, he composes catchy, danceable, radio music of 3-4 minutes maximum. In addition to giving life to lyrics and music, Lino Pinna arranges and produces his songs.

Here are the steps that start from the irrational shock to reach the finish line with the finished product. «At first I have the inspiration – he reveals – A sort of shock, an idea that does not pass through the rational part, then the words come together with the music. So from a first trace, a shape is given. Just like a sculptor: he begins to work on the details.

Songs have their own rules: they must be concise, clear, they must reach people in a simple way, so it is necessary to work to make this embryonic mass a definite work ».


A 360-degree creative

Lino Pinna also has to his credit the publication of three books and six short films. The first text is a musical animation with the elderly “My grandmother plays rock”, the second written in six hands with his wife Rossella Sabato and Andrea Fuso collects twelve stories inspired by the zodiac signs and the third book, “A whole another story ”is subtitled“ The incredible television adventures of Fulvio Pappetti.

The short films, on the other hand, are of a narrative genre with a musical background, such as “The fire” and “Tv requiem”, the first on the values ​​of the elderly and the second on trash TV.

From an educational game for children to a documentary on Battiato

But the versatility of the Bustese singer-songwriter does not stop there. He now he is engaged on three fronts.

«I am dealing – he concludes – with some projects that I had been in for three years. The first concerns the release and dissemination of new songs, the second a popular and spiritual documentary on Franco Battiato, his spiritual message and finally I am completing a didactic game for middle school children “La prof in a jar”, a game of cards to learn logic analysis.

Attention to the elderly

Lino Pinna’s training does not forget the elderly, with whom he worked as a social animator for 24 years, at the “Melo” in Gallarate and at the “Gianetti Foundation” in Saronno.

Therefore, proceeding backwards in the curriculum, the singer-songwriter consecrates his life to the most needy after having written songs between the eighties and nineties and having been up to 30 years in the VIP recording environment. Having become too tight for so many flaws that the singer-songwriter did not really go down, he dedicated himself to social animation.

HISTORY. “When I was two I guessed the songs starting from three notes. Today I sing about the neuroses of society and with music I help young people and the elderly ”