Help me move this fight forward: No to “building pigsties” in Ezhou, China or elsewhere for all species!

Good morning !

Between China’s spirituality and barbaric practices of animal cruelty -among other things- unfortunately so recurrent, regular, well-known and so paradoxical at the same time, “we really reach the heights, it is the case to say it… in the worst of the worst in terms of sad “modern” mega pigsties (as they dare to call these concentration camps..), with this time, hold on tight, after however unsuccessful attempts properly aborted after installations, brazenly a new latest model still under form of “infernal tower” on 26 floors under the impetus mainly of Mr Zhuge Wenda Chinese Director of WH Group in Hong Kong / Zhongxin Kaiwei Modern Farming in Ezhou ……

This one just opened, built near Wuhan, capable of literally accommodating no less than 650,000 poor huddled animals, of morpho constitution “emotionnotanatomical elo known in addition so close to us! And yes, as incredible, excessive, abnormal as it may seem, some unscrupulous Chinese decision-makers have dared!!! In other words: after skyscrapers among others for us, also in windows for cars (Dubai etc), now our poor friends detained on 4 legs do not escape either! We will have definitely seen everything in a world that does not turn so visibly, as we all know, no longer round (or flat, depending on…), fallen on our heads, deliberately driven mad in this area, among other things… !

Knowing what’s more of course that itth kind of dark gigantic places should not anyway at the basis not even exist if we respected the law minimal elementary to their freedom of movement who should be normally applied everywhere without any derogation in a more sensible normal worldquite simply !

Let’s face it frankly that many people even go so far as to legitimately and rightly question themselves, asking themselves outright in such cases (avian flu, etc.): “how” certain large associations can somehow let all this happen, in other words: but where did they go in this kind of business??”

Let us not forget either, let us remember all the same that the only real solution to all this, to all these inexcusable unethical excesses, remains undeniably the “100% vegetable” of nature biologically made for us and other speciestowards which fortunately more and more conscious consumers are tending without being pushed…

Whatever A BIG NO FINAL to all these “Damn farms so awful in every sense of the word, diabolical tower of Babel…” !! Above all, let’s not allow this kind of thing to happen, it goes clearly too far, any domain connecting directly, all the more reason!


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Help me move this fight forward: No to “building pigsties” in Ezhou, China or elsewhere for all species!