Happy New Year! Of awareness, sharing and positive action

Happy New Year to all! A happy 2023which begins, proceeds and ends in the awareness that our every gesture can bring about positive changes which, today more than ever, are so much needed.

The invitation, and together the wish, that we offer our readers for the new year is to become examples of transition and change. At home, at work, with friends and above all with yourself, be living and joyful laboratories of a new possible world.

And for those who don’t know Terra Nuova yet, here are some numbers.

Since 1977

Since 1977 New Earth magazine represents a point of reference for those who intend to plan their life in an eco-sustainable way, in full respect of themselves and nature. An irreplaceable information tool on the issues of nutrition and natural medicine, organic and biodynamic agriculture, motherhood and childhood, green building, ecotourism, critical consumption, renewable energy, nonviolence, soul searching, ethical finance and more generally the environment and ecology.

The magazine: circulation and diffusion

The circulation of the Terra Nuova monthly has thousands and thousands of copies, many subscribers and distribution takes place in over 1,300 points of sale including organic product shops, fair trade shops, associations of bio-natural disciplines, green building centres, herbalists, as well as in dozens and dozens of events which include trade fairs, organic markets, sustainability festivals and other events based on environmental issues and natural well-being.

The fortnightly Terra Nuova newsletter, sent to tens of thousands of subscribers, is a careful selection of the most interesting eco-solidarity events, conferences, meetings, debates, fairs, markets, courses, seminars, fun, entertainment and free time.

The Web site

The website is visited every month by hundreds of thousands of users interested in our topics, our commercial proposals and maps on health, green building, ecotourism and organic shops. The Facebook page has over 112,000 followers.

The books

The Terra Nuova Edizioni book catalog boasts hundreds of titles dedicated to those who practice or are interested in practicing a lifestyle that is healthy for themselves and sustainable for the Planet. Nutrition and natural medicine, permaculture and organic horticulture, the care of children and four-legged friends, the inner search and the wisdom of native peoples, green building and new forms of living, degrowth and vegan living are the main themes. Among the series we point out the one on natural agriculture, spirituality, illustrated bio-recipes, natural health, manuals for self-production and self-construction and publications for children.




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Since 1977 Terra Nuova has been a meeting point between those seeking a healthier lifestyle in harmony with the planet and the many Italian companies in line with the principles of ecology and sustainability.

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Happy New Year! Of awareness, sharing and positive action