Giorgio Armani, reassuring aesthetics with a golden thread and a touch of the Orient

Like the ancient Greeks who saw in physical beauty the reflection of a moral value, Giorgio Armani with a golden thread holds together inside and out, convinced that “what is beautiful to see makes beautiful also inside”. To underline the message, “I pushed the pedal – he explains after the show – on a reassuring aesthetic”.
As reassuring as the colors are, with sand crossed by golden flashes, which return to punctuate bags and accessories, and shoes, always flat, because after all, even the high heel – says Armani – is a bit of violence at times. He, who says he is “in love with work and beautiful women dressed with elegance, with the awareness of being a beautiful message in the world”, with this collection has given yet another example of how it is possible to bring out one’s inner self even with choice of a dress. “It was not difficult – he explains – to work on spirituality, it is just a matter of continuing my discourse and carrying it forward even in the face of different realities, which have their own success, so it is a violent discourse that I have to face. to continue doing what I like, but I also have to be a little careful about what is happening around me and evaluate what can be part of my story “.

Armani has never lost his glance on reality, so much so that, despite the demanding day, with the two fashion shows and the gala at La Scala, he voted shortly after 8 in the morning. “I hope it’s a profitable day” he just says, but for him there is the fashion of him speaking. And he still talks about contaminations, in the manner of Armani, we mean: a touch of the East, always present as the background of his collections, but filtered by a rigorous aesthetic, this time perhaps softer than usual. It will be the flashes of gold, the colors of the desert, the bamboo canes that frame the catwalk, the rustle of the shimmering dresses, the intimacy of the small theater in via Borgonuovo, the mandalas chosen as decorations, but the catwalk of the collection for next summer has the flavor of dreams, of the lightness of summer, of the encounter with different worlds, which is never a renunciation of one’s own aesthetics but a broader look at fashion and the world.
There is something comforting and yet new in the trousers as soft as skirts, in the skirts that look like trousers, in the vaguely oriental shapes that seem to have been born especially for metropolitan life, in the glow of the night that also lights up the day, in the gold that like a thin fil rouge accompanies the woman from morning to evening. “A few years ago it would have been anachronistic, now it is accepted” explains Armani, who knows that women “like to shine”. “I can no longer make a dress without a sequin” jokes the designer, for whom “the secret is knowing how to wear these things well”. “I love a well-groomed woman, it doesn’t take much, you just need the right hand and head, it’s not a matter of time but of choice, that of being in place when you go out, an earring is enough – this is her style suggestion – , a necklace or a bag to create a story “. And then “a brilliance around is pleasant, the opacity as a result of a battlefield is sad, the field full of light instead brings joy, the will – he concludes – to be happy to live”. And there is open applause from the audience, where Cate Blanchett and Lauren Hutton sit. (HANDLE).

Giorgio Armani, reassuring aesthetics with a golden thread and a touch of the Orient – Lifestyle