Get to the top, but don’t forget to live

No.We feel so obligated to have more things every day that, on many occasions, we forget to live.

We have been taught that we must be maximum productive all the time and, doubt it, that is a big lie. We should all enjoy the path to our goals and take breaks that allow us to breathe.

It is good to work hard and do it with the intensity that a professional requires; however, this does not imply taking time away from family members, or loves, or the things that make us feel fulfilled.

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The truth is that there are people who aim to have more money and reach as high as possible in their projects and, in that journey, sacrifice people and fundamental moments.

Although I know that everyone values ​​what they do depending on their personal expectations, it cannot be sacrificed to life itself.

We must be very responsible and objective when choosing the challenges we will take on, since each person’s process is unique and different.

Although it is very positive that the professional is clear about the sacrifices he decides to make to achieve what he wants, he must also go a little further and analyze if what he is doing is due to his own conviction or if it is a decision unfounded by something external; that is, if it is due to family, social, economic, partner, expectation pressure, etc…

Nor can you be carried away by anxiety because it is the great disease of society today.

If this is your case, the first thing you should do is go to the root of the problem and identify what is causing the emotions that lead you to have anxiety.

Many times this evil derives from an excessive need to meet the expectations of others and of oneself, with perfectionism; also with a lack of self-esteem (because they constantly need external elements to feel good or fit in with others) and countless other causes.

The important thing is to know what is leading you to behave that way and be honest with yourself: is that attitude born from something negative or positive? Are the expectations you have about yourself what you really want for your life? Is it for yourself or to impress others that you want to achieve?

Anxiety almost always derives from negative emotions regarding self-perception and self-esteem, and a need for constant acceptance and approval.

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If on that path you realize that the goals you are pursuing are not important enough to feel worth your time and youth, I invite you to rethink the things you are doing.

If, on the other hand, you see that the thirst to achieve what you want is so great that there is nothing more important, then do not stop. I remind you, yes, that when you achieve those objectives, you may have satisfaction, but it is also likely that you have missed the enjoyment of many things.

Regardless of this, what should be clear is that we all need rest and leisure spaces in our daily routine, without exception.

Sometimes these pauses help us to analyze if we are doing things right and to design our projects for the future.

Cheer up! Life is to enjoy it and you must go step by step for your dreams. This is not a race to see who gets there first. relax! The important thing about reaching a goal is to savor every day the process that will lead you to achieve it.

Get to the top, but don’t forget to live