Gerenzano, inaugurated the exhibition “Freely experimenting” at Palazzo Fagnani

GERENZANO – The exhibition opened yesterday “Freely experience” at Palazzo Fagnani, created by the Scelag Cooperative with the patronage of the Municipality of Gerenzano, the exhibition displays some works by five local artists, with profoundly different styles and techniques: Beppe Borghi, Beniamino Calò, Laura Cappellini, Francesco Fazio and Chiara Guzzetti, this last not present at the vernissage due to Covid. The mayor Stefania Castagnoli and the city councilor Cristiano Borghi attended the event.

The inauguration opened with a speech by the Mayor and followed by a dissertation by the art critic Dario Ferre, regarding the main theme of the exhibition, namely artistic experimentation. The artists present were reviewed one by one, both from the point of view of the content of the works and from the point of view of the techniques used.

The first artist examined by the critic was Beppe Borghiprofessional photographer who in his artistic repertoire transforms his shots with post-production, giving life to well-defined geometric shapes, distorting the chromaticity of the contents.

Benjamin Calòwho mainly uses the watercolor technique, according to the critic, “Uses various techniques, starts from a photographic field with the aim of making other interpretations with different means (…) transform, go beyond the form, changing colors, visions and perspectives” .

The third artist, the tattoo artist Laura Cappelliniundermines the paradigm of absolute precision required in his profession, with canvases in strong colors and spread in a summary but significant way.

Francesco Faziothe fourth artist examined by Ferrè, is a blacksmith by profession, and in fact in his review of exhibited works, proposes sculptures in iron, titled in a totally conceptual way, defining a certain spirituality, according to the critic in fact “The rigidity of the iron goes to contrast with the spiritual malleability of the title of the works”.

The last artist reviewed, Clare Guzzettiwho didn’t attend the event due to Covid, uses 3D graphics for his works, a technique he masters working in a dental studio, the content of his works deals with the events of an imaginary population of the future, the Sekins.

The event ended with refreshments, during the visit it is possible to request the catalog of the exhibition, in exchange for a free offer, it is also possible to enjoy a review of videos regarding the artists on display.

The exhibition will remain open for two weekends: 19-20 and 26-27 November, from 10.00 to 12.30 and from 14.30 to 19.00.

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Gerenzano, inaugurated the exhibition “Freely experimenting” at Palazzo Fagnani