From today the Pilgrim Madonna of the Miraculous Medal in Campagnano

Anna Di Corcia

On 6 March 2022, in the parish of San Domenico in SS. Annunziata in Campagnano the Bishop Gennaro Pascarella sent a new priest with the desire to give the community a presbyter who could take care of the people permanently. His name is Don Carlo Mazzella. As soon as he arrived, being already on the eve of the Solemnity of the Annunciation, he quickly gathered the Pastoral Council and immediately afterwards a parish Assembly to organize the Feast. For several years, such a well-kept liturgical feast had not been held. In the first months, Don Carlo involved the children of the catechism, he took care of the meetings with the catechists, also organizing a retreat at the Sisters of the GAM (Ardente Mariana), he restored the space of the external churchyard and allowed a safe place for everyone. the children of the parish, organizing the “Saturday in the churchyard” a moment of aperitif or play for the children is the boys. The presence of children has increased exponentially and the parish has experienced the joy of being filled with children.

The priest made use of the help of the Sisters of the GAM to take care of some moments of formation for the children and the most important and fun was the “Children’s Summer Camp” in the spaces of the friars of Sant’Antonio alla Mandra. During the summer the “Mass in the territories” was held, a moment in which the celebrations touched the most internal or distant places of the parish territory. In the area, Don Carlo has also begun the blessing of homes and families, which he will resume in the coming months.

The community became attached to Don Carlo, who, for his marked Marian spirituality (he was ordained a priest on 7 October 2016), decided to call the Vincentian Fathers who from 5 to 8 October will bring the Pilgrim Madonna of the Miraculous Medal (blessed by Pope Francis and used for the mission during the pandemic) to Campagnano and they will take care of some moments of spirituality, formation and visits to the sick and to some families in particular situations of need for prayer and closeness.

The Program below:


Wednesday 5th October


6.00 pm Reception of the Sacred Effigy of Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal, Holy Rosary

19.00 Eucharistic celebration

Thursday 6 October – Called

Morning: Visit to the elderly and sick

5.00 pm Meeting of children on the way to First Communion

6.30 pm Holy Rosary

19.00 Eucharistic celebration

9.00 pm Marian vocational vigil

Don Carlo Mazzella

Friday 7 October – Inhabited

Morning: Visit to the elderly and sick

5.00 pm Meeting with students of the Middle and Cresimandi

6.30 pm Holy Rosary

7.00 pm Eucharistic celebration and auxflambeaux procession in the streets of the Villa Campagnano

Saturday 8 October – Sent

Morning: meeting with the Catechists and Pastoral Workers and Caritas

3.00 pm Hour of Divine Mercy

5.00 pm Meeting with a group of children and young people

7.00 pm Holy Mass, greeting and Imposition and distribution of the Miraculous Medal

9.00 pm Catechesis for married couples and fiancees

A priest will be present for Confessions every morning

Vincentian Volunteer Group

From today the Pilgrim Madonna of the Miraculous Medal in Campagnano – Il Golfo 24