Five retreats around the world to practice yoga surrounded by breathtaking settings

The marketing of the practice of yoga and its subsequent global success is hardly a thing that happened today. If over the years this discipline, which originally has nothing to do with the spectacularization that in some cases we witness today, has become part of the lives of many, it is also thanks to the growing need of people to come back to themselves. same. We all agree that spirituality is not bought, but very often it is possible with careful selection to be able to approach more intensely and totally immerse yourself in this philosophy. The Yoga Retreatin fact, it meets these needs and becomes an all-encompassing and in some cases even intense experience for live yoga and its lifestyle fully. A real vacation, a trip in the strict sense that responds to different needs than mass tourism, and that transports daily practice into a dimension that is another. Immersed in nature, away from the chaos of everyday life, by the sea or in the most beautiful mountains, do yoga now it is possible everywhere. Here we recommend a few retreat around the world that combine the beauty of uncontaminated places with an effective and above all conscious practice.

House of Om – Bali

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The island of Indonesia is one of the most mystical and introspective scenarios you could wish for. The practice takes a different form, connected entirely with the wild nature of the place and its inhabitants. Obviously Bali is an address that is besieged by millions of tourists every year, but this Yoga Retreat it maintains its own intimate and collected dimension. Hidden by the tropical vegetation of the island, House of Om is an eco-sustainable structure that welcomes guests from all over the world to take them on paths where people, nature and practice blend peacefully. Everything is based on holistic and spiritual approaches, carried out with integrity with respect to the different disciplines that are taught here.

Surf Morocco – Morocco

Surf Morocco

Courtesy of Surf Morocco

We move to Morocco, on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean that frames this retreat with a hippy soul and certainly very freak. Surf Morocco it is primarily a surf center, it gathers practitioners, experts or not, from all over the world in its various structures that interact with the barren and lunar environment of this land. It was born from the passion of three young surfers, who, as in the best stories, arrive here with a van and never move anymore. A place also dedicated to yoga, to be practiced every day while watching the sunset that descends on the great African continent. Four oceanfront boutique hotels, each of which is designed exclusively to offer surf and yoga holidays and where you can do a variety of activities.

Balearic Retreat – Mallorca and Ibiza

balearic reatreats, mallorca

Balearic Retreats, Mallorca

Courtesy of Balearic Reatreats

Definitely among the most popular places for do yoga there are Balearic islands: Mallorca, Ibiza, Formenterawhich over the years have become hotspots not only for nightlife but also places dedicated to well-being and care for the spirit. Balearic Reatreat was born from the idea of ​​two Americans who wanted to take the culture of ashtanga yoga – a millenary practice – to the next level. In fact, each retreat takes place in beautiful boutique hotels in full Balearic style. Fincas surrounded by greenery where you can dedicate yourself body and soul to practice, in full relaxation and away from the world.

Gomarduli – Georgia

gomarduli, georgia

Gomarduli, Georgia

Courtesy of Gomarduli

To experience the silence of the practice and to connect entirely with nature, this retreat it is definitely recommended. Gomarduli is a retreat, a coworking, an ecosystem of spirituality and well-being located in the picturesque mountains of western Georgia. Founded by Ukrainian boys, today it is an international community of people from all over the world who will welcome you and make you live according to the principles of a modern commune. The silence is all-encompassing, thanks to its position in the high Georgian mountains, to be breathed in the lungs. Not only yoga, but also meditation, tea ceremonies, sauna and to thank the day every evening in total darkness, a fire in the middle of unspoiled nature.

Kranti Yoga – Goa, India

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A commune on the Goa beachesthe most famous Indian region for practice of yoga and for its psy-trance festivals, Kranti Yoga it’s a colorful and very freak little world which is definitely a good first step for anyone planning to experience this experience in India for the first time. Several shala, one on the beach, one on a tree and the last in the forest, for different practices suitable for all levels. Life here is marked by the natural rhythm of the day: from waking up at dawn to practice until sunset. The cuisine is entirely vegan and exquisite, Indian flavors and traditions in the recipes that are served all day.

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Five retreats around the world to practice yoga surrounded by breathtaking settings