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It is a difficult time to be a man and especially if you are a masculine man. Interest groups raise actions day by day to eliminate masculinity as a natural characteristic of man. Work in which the media, digital networks, governments, social activists and even some sector of the academy itself, manager of many “corrections” but also of many “incorrections”, make a chorus in unison so that it is so and that masculinity is moves women. Basically, everything leads to the fallacy that the great evils of humanity and among them, the inveterate exclusion to which it was subjected the woman, are due to the masculine, and the best way to remedy it is to punish it: May masculinity be more feminine every day and femininity more masculine every day to annul one and the other! and give way to a new form without natural differences. The masculine-feminine polarity cannot be allowed. One of the gigantic failures typical of the current crisis of civilization is the search for biological egalitarianism; not that of fair, justified, necessary and imperative equality in rights and duties before the law, which is already an achievement in almost all States, but unnatural biological equality by way of discourse.

From egalitarian thinking, it is intended to combat the dual nature of the masculine-feminine by simple legal catalog or via brainy intellectuals and populist politicians, which is clearly contradictory because they advocate loudly and in fact for life models healthy, defense of the environment, of non-human animals but at the same time they degrade what is natural, verb and grace, they defend the right to humanize dogs and cats, to eat free of chemicals, to protect water, but they defend abortion, pedophilia and “the right” to undermine being a masculine man and a feminine woman. Virilizing the female and devirilizing the male is a moral imperative for them; yet virility is a naturally masculine characteristic and femininity is a naturally feminine characteristic. It is aberrational to try to take away the man’s masculine nature to impose it on the woman.

For the above, an argument has been built that starts from false postulates, such as pontificating that violence and abuse are exclusively masculine traits and that women have always been victims of the male’s work, and the best way to amend it, and to do justice , is to exchange roles, men who can behave like women and women who can behave like men. The result, a grotesque: “The machified female” as a social model.

It is urgent that basic primary education be returned to boys and girls separately, especially in childhood so that boys and girls can be free from unnatural impostures. Men are required to educate men and women to educate women, so much intersexuality has contributed to the fact that the vast majority of men of the new generations are demasculinized men, emotional men, without character, without moral strength, puny and weak even though they show off muscles made in gyms , without a sense of homeland and family values. Every time the new generations of men are weaker and those of women stronger. It is not that the woman is not strong, she can be, but without losing her femininity and her nature that she comes to necessarily compensate the man. They want to impose a new rhetoric on nature at any cost, as if genetics and the biological condition did not weigh and were less relevant than the mental condition. This new ideology will lead the man to perceive himself as a woman even if the body is full of testosterone, and the woman to perceive himself as a man even if the body is overflowing with estrogen.

These lines may be impolitically correct in times of official progressivism and the destruction of the family as the basic cell of society, it is not about misogyny, nor about styling anything against women, it is about the free exercise of freedom of thought and expression coupled with an act of love for others and for life. To advocate for the natural course of the human condition by accepting that men and women complement each other not only from biology, but also from their vital energy and spirituality. To conceive life, male and female cells are required, one or the other is not enough. Humans believe that by protecting what some call Pachamama and what they call older and younger brothers, unbalancing the balance between masculine and feminine, they will be more natural. How wrong they are! Humanity is in a deep crisis and part of the crisis is wanting to punish the man by ripping off his masculinity to deliver it to the woman. More masculine men are required, but also more feminine women, then aesthetics, beauty and the sublime will nest again. The rest is an anti-nature speech typical of a time in which so much science and culture dazzle. These are times of a new obscurantism, sapiocultural obscurantism.

female masculinity | Confidential Colombia