Ezra Miller at the head of a cult? Here come the umpteenth chilling accusations, between manipulations and superpowers!

Ezra Miller accused of running a secret cult a Reykjavik, here are several testimonials brought to light by Insider.

As you well know, in recent months Ezra Miller (interpreter of Flash at the cinema) has been widely discussed because of his attitudes, which month after month have become more and more grotesque, going so far as to negatively undermine even The Flash. After “sowing” panic in Hawaii, she received an accusation for having “provided an underage girl with alcohol, marijuana and LSD“And to have used”violence, intimidation, threats, fear, paranoia and drugs to take control of this girl“.

Subsequently, many other accusations followed against Miller, who is currently on the run in the United States aimlessly (wandering with weapons and body armor fearing being chased by the FBI) ​​after being put in state of indictment by the Vermont police for burglary.

In the meantime, the umpteenth accusations have arrived, but in this case they have not yet been brought to court.

According to a site report InsiderMiller was (also) the leader of what is referred to as a cultas he rented an entire house in Reykjavikin Iceland, which renamed a “home for Icelandic artists, expats and spiritual guides“, All people that Miller himself hosted and encouraged to live there, even though many had their homes in Reykjavik.

A woman who remained anonymous, who visited this house in March 2020explained that people were “hypnotized“From every single word of Miller and were not in the least disturbed by his heavy mood swings. In the city of Reykjavik, a rumor began to spread that Miller was secretly managing a cultthis because of his monologues on spirituality and emotional outbursts, not to mention that he often alluded to the idea that he had of supernatural powers.

He often alluded to the idea of ​​possessing supernatural powers, according to two different people, explaining his guests to participate in group meditations. He spoke to them about the fate and importance of social justice for the most marginalized groups.

However, not everyone who visited Miller’s home was captivated. A 23-year-old woman said she saw Miller raging over trivial issues, cursing and yelling at a group of friends who were simply changing a song on the radio, thus forcing them to get out of her “sanctuary“.

He was constantly going from being a kind homeowner to being extremely furious.

The woman also said that Miller convinced her and a friend of hers to leave this house, exclaiming “you don’t like my hospitality” … and explaining that he could read their thoughts!

“I was traumatized for a long time … it was one of the strangest days of my life.”

Moving forward with the allegations, another girl shared her experience with the star Flashrecounting having slept with Miller three times in a hotel, completely isolating herself from her family and friends, all while being addicted to drugs.

The accusation becomes even more chilling, as Miller exclaimed “your family is pulling you away from a better life, you have to leave everything behind to have a better future, all this while it was “fixed on her reproductive abilities and whispered in her womb“.

For six days, there was a succession of verbal abuse, insults and mood swings, as Ezra was constantly raging, even for simple misspelled words.

Sometimes, he would look me in the eye and say “I love you”, he was kind and pleasant… soon after, however, he told me that I was disgusting. Ezra is a great manipulator. He kept us all under control. He is able to distort and make you forget everything you think you know about the world.

After this experience, the girl talked about this unpleasant experience with a friend of hers, who explained to her that the leaders of the great sects promise spiritual awakenings and existential revolutions to manipulate people and isolate them from their friends and family:

It was exactly the same situation I found myself in with Ezra, this terrified me.

10 days later, Miller dropped out Reykjavik to “terrorize” other cities, but not before putting his hands on the neck of a girl in an Icelandic club, with a video that quickly went viral.

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Ezra Miller at the head of a cult? Here come the umpteenth chilling accusations, between manipulations and superpowers!