Energy portal 11.22.22: ritual to open it

The magic and power of a energy portal open when the forces of the earth connect with the imperceptible force of the universe, take advantage of it with this ritual on Tuesday 11-22-22 where there is a predominance of two master patterns in numerology: 22 and 11.

The numerology is the science of numbers that gives them various spiritual meanings in astrology. When a coincidence occurs in dates, it is common to associate it with a force that attracts the good things in the universe. In itself it is not a message, but a code that must be interpreted.

During an energy portal, the earthly world and the spiritual world merge, increasing the level of consciousness and connection of people with their environment.

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What is the meaning of the number 2?

To understand the message that this date brings us, we must analyze the meaning of number 2 which is repeated in the pattern:

“represents duality, the couple, the one who has the ability to see things from both points of view.”

meaning of numbers

Therefore, it is related to the female intuition, balance and sensitivity. Also, the number 22, power or double those capabilities, filling people with a great ability to make dreams come true. The vibration of number 2 wraps a energy that enhances and consolidates relationships, strengthens ties and favors union.

What does the number 1 mean?

The number 1 reflects self-sufficiency, enlightenment. It is the symbol of unity, the starting point, the beginning of everything, a beginning. Also

“symbolizes pure leadership, energy, individualism and material egoism. He feels family unity and a deep interest in being the protagonist of everything.”

meaning of numbers

The vibration of 1 increases personal enrichment and learning, thanks to the fact that it possesses a force of light and intuition.

Vibration of number 3

Now, in numerology, numbers must be reduced to one digit, thus: 11-22-2022 = 2+2+1+1+2+0+2+2 = 12 = 1+2= 3. This means that; the energy of this portal is 3; and the number 3 symbolizes expansion, growth, and fun. It favors manifestation, it is full of harmony, joy and optimism.

Numbers bring a personality to individuals. In the case of 3, they can be harmonized in these aspects:

  • ingenuity,
  • mental agility,
  • tenacity,
  • Balance.

Ritual of the energy portal 22.11.22

Before performing a ritual to open an energy portal you should know that it is an occasion in which you can take advantage of internal searches. Both a review of your feelings, as well as the opening to desires and desires, are fully allowed on this day.

For this ritual you need:

  • 1 white candle.
  • Bay leaves.
  • Pencil.

1) Light the white candle while you visualize the desires you long for, but remember that at all times you must think of them positively and as if they had already been fulfilled. For example: “I found the love of my life”.

2) Clean the bay leaf energetically by passing it lightly through the flame (without burning it) 7 times.

3) Write on the leaves the intentions you want to ask the Universe for.

4) Burn the bay leaves and leave the candle lit until it is consumed.

Now to wait for what you want so much to come true.

Energy portal 11.22.22: ritual to open it – La Noticia