East Asia

(ANS) – Twenty-five years ago, in one of the first meetings of the Delegates for Social Communications of East Asia – Oceania (AEO) with their Inspectors, the need and idea of ​​”AustraLasia”, the regional information service of the Salesians and the Salesian Family of the AEO Region. Having been launched on November 9, 1997, it turns exactly 25 today. For the occasion, the Rector Major, Fr Ángel Fernández Artime, shared from Valdocco a short video-message of good wishes, congratulations, but above all gratitude for the service rendered to the Salesians and the Salesian Family in the East Asia Region in all these years – Oceania, and even beyond it. Thoughts of gratitude and homage also came from Hua Hin, Thailand, by the Regional Councilor, Fr Joseph Nguyen Thinh Phuoc.

The Rector Major’s homage, through a certificate of appreciation, was sent to the correspondents, translators and IT experts of AustraLasia, on the sidelines of the Spiritual Exercises that the Rector Major is preaching to the Provincial Councils of the Central and Northern Europe Region. Here are his words:

Good morning from Valdocco, good morning my dear brothers and sisters! How are you? Greetings to all of you!

I am here in Valdocco, happy to be able to greet you as 25 years of the great initiative of ‘AustraLasia’ are celebrated, this extraordinary service of communication and information, but above all of communion: in the Region and with the Congregation.

I must be brief – moreover you find me like this because it’s so cool here in Valdocco – but first of all I want to say a big “thank you”: thanks to the Regional Councilors who believed so much in this initiative, to many of you who prepare the news, the translators, the technicians. Feel all understood and recognize yourselves in these words of mine.

Above all because, as I said, your efforts have been a great service to our Congregation, and to our entire Salesian Family, for the benefit of communion. I have to be brief to share this message online.

But I tell you: we must continue, [AustraLasia] it has an extraordinary value and thank you for everything you do, in the name of Don Bosco, really, thank you, thank you very much!

See you soon bye!

The short video message is available online on YouTube.

For his part, the Regional Councilor for East Asia-Oceania spoke about this anniversary at the opening of the joint meeting of the Delegates for Social Communication and Formation of the East Asia – Oceania Region, scheduled until tomorrow, 10 October, in Hua Hin.

It is a joy for me to invite you to share the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the creation of our newsletter ‘Australasia news’ (9 November 1997-2022), now based on the ‘Bosco.link’ website.

We thank all those who have contributed to this unique communication service in the Congregation. In the years leading up to the first quarter of the 21st century, many confreres, friends, members of the Salesian Family shared their news, photos and stories regarding their way of living the Salesian charism in their respective countries and Provinces or Delegations.

We are proud of the far-sighted vision of the Salesian pioneers in this sector, which is becoming more and more important and relevant for the Salesian world today. And we are also very grateful to those who contributed articles, news and photos at full speed.

The ‘Bosco.link’ site and its archive contain living testimonies of the good and the fruits brought by the Salesian Family in this great region that covers East Asia – Oceania: formation, missions, celebrations of Salesian events, oratories, condolences for the disappearance of our dear confreres and great Salesian Cooperators. It is effective proof that Salesian spirituality has been inculturated in the various cultures and geographical regions.

May all the Provinces of the AEO Region continue to make this website a channel of information, communion and an instrument of evangelization for the Salesian world for the next twenty-five years ”.

Today “AustraLasia” reaches about 1,500 members of the Salesian Family registered in the service every day and with its information it also acts as a regional information source for the agency “ANS”, the communication body of the Salesian Congregation, and for many other entities and offices of communication.

East Asia – Oceania – “AustraLasia” turns 25 (1997-2022). The gifts of the Rector Major and the Regional Councilor