Words are like people, they express what they want to say, but many times the saying depends not only on the thought of the individual but also on the reception of others.

If you look a person in the eye, you look inside him, you understand his spirituality. If you look at it from above you put yourself on the pedestal and measure the distance; if you look at her from behind, you see her prospects, her future; if you look at her from below you feel judged… she is always the same person, but seen from different angles she expresses her own life, her own being, she speaks differently. The way I look at the person makes me understand and understand him …

Words have the same dynamic. I realized this when, on the word summer, I strongly emphasized the first vowel. Summer! At that moment a different way of reading it took place.

The word “summer” was for me only a season of the year, a time of vacation and lightheartedness (youth period), a time of rest (in maturity), a time of reflection. Today I can no longer read it like that. You-stay … together, you-stand beside, you-stay close, you-stay available …

Summer … I can’t help but remember the story of a volunteer: «… Don Enrico since I became available as a volunteer, my eyes have sharpened, my ears are more attentive, I am more alert. One day I was passing in a street near Termini Station … beyond the cars I saw something … I approached … a lady was sitting on the ground … with broken shoes … In order to start the dialogue I said: Good morning ma’am. How are you? I see you have broken shoes… that raises her head and looks at me in silence … I kept asking her. How are you? Can I do anything? I can buy you shoes!… the person raises his head and looks silently … I go near here, there is a shoe shop … I’ll buy them for you … I’ll pay for the shoes!… After these words the lady gets up from her head and says: Shut up… sit here and let’s talk a bit… ».

E-stand by, e-stand by… here is the new meaning that entered my heart. And like me also to many parishes in Rome.

The story of a parish: “… a ‘”And-stay together “”with free admission, to the garden of the parish of San Luca Evangelista al Prenestino.

Thanks to the volunteers of Caritas, this attention is implemented for the elderly, lonely and for those who for various reasons do not go on vacation.

A'”You’ve been together ” takes place … inside the oasis of the Parish garden. Admission is free and there are no restrictions, everyone is welcome, of any skin color, political and religious.

The initiative was carried out thanks to the sensitivity of the parish priest Don Romano De Angelis, who granted the authorization to use the space of the magnificent garden of the parish …

Those present got to know each other better, each showed a personal photo, and reported the memory that contained the photo.

Then thanks to Mr. Mario who with his accordion cheered up the company that, in addition to having sung to the sound of music, is committed to dancing.

Summera word that evokes evasion; summer a word that can be read as “solidarity and friendship”. Good summer!

of the cardinal Enrico Feroci

E-state: a word that smells of solidarity and friendship – L’Osservatore Romano