Don Ambrogio Mazzai is the priest of the moment on TikTok

450 thousand followers follow him. He confronts and evangelizes with a frank and free language. “People need to break out of the box”, says Don Ambrogio

Is called Don Ambrogio Mazzai and 450 thousand followers only on TikTok. His role? Professing the faith through social networks. With his funny videos he has already made and collected millions of views and likes and at the weekly “Confidences”He recounted his method and explained that there is nothing wrong with professing one’s Faith through this medium. All to bring more faithful to the Lord (Fan Page, October 24, 2022).

Parish priest in Porto San Pancrazio

Fr Ambrogio Mazzai was ordained a priest in 2016 and currently collaborates with the parish of the Porto San Pancrazio district (VR). He studies communication at the Salesian University.

First time”

The young influencer priest of TikTok explained that he would have imagined everything less this success: «Like everyone, I had a Facebook and Instagram account, but I rarely used them. Then a year and a half ago, a guy pushed me to sign up on TikTok. I upload the first video and immediately see to arouse some interest. I still remember the first theme, Valentine’s Day. Many now remember me as the patron saint of lovers. I support young people and bring them closer to spirituality ».

“I am always available”

Don Ambrogio Mazzai said that often some questions still cause him embarrassment, but that is why he uses social media to try to help and support young people who want to be guided: «I am always available ready to listen to their torments».

The life of the saints

Video after video, with a concise, ironic and direct style, tells the life of the Saints, “men like us who have done things as extraordinary as they are normal, to be taken as an example”.

See here some of Don Ambrogio’s TikToks: TikTok 1TikTok 2.


After TikTok focuses on Instagram

By doing so, he has accumulated his 450 thousand followers in just over a year, an unexpected and unprecedented success, which he is now also doubling on instagram, where he is touching share 38 thousand followers.

Upsy Daisy

Having now become a famous person on the youngest social media platform, Fr Ambrogio Mazzai has written a book Upsy Daisy, the questions you’ve never asked a priest, which will be on newsstands by early November. “I’ve been working on it for months. I wrote it maintaining the communicative style of the videos, which aim to strike immediately but to make people think over time. Added value, I also told some episodes of my life », adds the young priest.


“I do not agree with you”

Says the influencer pastor of TikTok: «I understand that I am inclined to communicate and I intend to acquire more specific knowledge in this field. Of course, I didn’t expect such success. But it testifies how people want and need to get out of the box, to deal with “other” themes, of genuineness and comparison. Many write to me starting with “I don’t agree with you, but …” These are precious interventions for me “adds Mazzai (The Arena, October 8th).

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Don Ambrogio Mazzai is the priest of the moment on TikTok