Documentary series “Le temps de…”: another look at eight political figures

Each has been mayor, regional or departmental councilor, president of a major community, deputy and/or senator. Today retired from political life, for the most part, they take an enlightened look at Guadeloupean society and its evolution. Guadeloupe La 1ère and Corpo Art’ have decided to dedicate a portrait to eight politicians, to evoke their childhood, their school career and the meaning of their commitment.

It is this Monday, March 13, 2023 that the broadcast of the documentary series begins “Time to…” written and produced by Jean-Philippe Pascal. The journalist zooms in on the personality and human dimension of eight West Indian politicians; his choice is therefore not to draw up their political balance sheet even if, over the testimonies, the highlights of their careers are discussed.

This collection of portraits aims to contribute to a duty of memory and a duty of transmission to the younger generations.

Jean-Philippe Pascal, journalist, author and director of the series “Le temps de…”

The political personalities whose portraits were drawn up in “Time to…“have marked local political life in recent decades. They have agreed to talk to us without taboo about their childhood, their school and university careers, but also about their interest in politics.

Some aspired to be mere militants. Others, on the other hand, considered that their involvement in politics was a vocation, even a natural progression programmed from their earliest childhood.

These men and women experienced the departmentalization of 1946, the tragic events of May 67, the tumultuous period of independence demands in the 1980s, but also the arrival of the Left in power in 1981, with the decentralization laws and the transfer of skills. Their political life has also been marked by many alternations, both locally and nationally, in a very fragile economic context.

The first portrait in diffusion is devoted to Ernest Moutoussamypresented as “a great humanist“.
At almost 83 years old, he has completely withdrawn from political life, but continues to write collections of poems or novels. Ernest Moutoussamy was deputy and mayor of Saint-François for many years. Mandates during which culture and spirituality were at the heart of his action. His political life was full, first within the Guadeloupean Communist Party (PCG), then with the Guadeloupean Democratic Progressive Party (PPDG).

See you this Monday, March 13, 2023, at 8:05 p.m., on the television channel Guadeloupe La 1timein the magazine “Horizon“.

Next week, March 27, “the great builderBruno Magras who will be honoured.
will follow Dominique Larifla, Edouard Chammougon, Josette Borel-Lincertin, Claude MakoukeLucette Michaux-Chevry, Frederic Jalton.

Through the eight documentaries, we will enter the intimacy of each and in places of their choice. Photos, archive images, sound illustrations, anecdotes or even revelations will make us better acquainted with these personalities who participated, with their convictions and their sensitivity, in the evolution of Guadeloupean society.

Jean-Philippe Pascal was the guest of Claude Danican, in the radio section “The Big Interview“, this March 13, 2023; a program to listen to again below:

The author and director will also be on the show “I Ja le“presented by Gessy Schuster, early evening today.

  • Author and director: Jean-Philippe Pascal
  • Co-production: Corpo Art’ (Isabelle Firmo-Marchais) – France Télévisions – Guadeloupe La 1ère
  • Number of portraits: 8
  • Duration: 26 minutes
  • 2023

Documentary series “Le temps de…”: another look at eight political figures – Guadeloupe la 1ère