Do not let the anxieties make you darken your life

ORYou, me and in general we all encounter obstacles. And although some are more complicated than others, in the end they all manage to darken our surroundings.

Although problems are part of everyday life, it would have to be said that not all of us are prepared to handle the emotions that they arouse in us.

Many tend to take the path of ‘complaining’. This is something that I find too boring, since assuming the ‘victim role’ never solves things for them.

To those who live in that whining plan, I say that maybe it’s time to stop that old mania of cursing everything. It is better to wear a hopeful countenance!

I reiterate that some setbacks are more traumatic than others; however, depending on the context, we may resort to different ways of solving them.

If you are going through difficult times today, instead of remaining stagnant in anguish, it is up to you to take advantage of the current circumstances to obtain the lessons that life wants to give you.

He cannot act as if nothing had happened, nor let things get complicated for him. You cannot go through life ignoring adverse situations; they have to be faced.

It is necessary to handle with a positive attitude those situations that sometimes get out of hand and create conflicts, both with yourself and with others.

The acceptance of everything that happens to you, a reflective look and, in general, any activity that takes you out of the routine and forces you to “get out of the water” will be the best options for you.

Although it is better to talk than eat words, you must think before anything. You have to be very attentive to the planning of the steps you are going to take, since it is the most solid basis for action.

Think about what is really wrong with you. Maybe it’s time to make certain decisions. For example, at work it could be key to start with new projects.

If you look at things objectively, you will discover that “the more you want things, the more you must work for them.”

Let me make it clear that without being extremely relaxed, you can’t worry too much. If you act calmly and objectively, and show a little good sense, the picture will be cleared for you.

Keep in mind that sometimes the problems that life brings you, deep down, just want to wake you up and show you better alternatives later.

And if at first you can’t find a way out or you feel confused, don’t worry, because “burdens are fixed along the way”.

If you have reached this part of the text and you are a man of faith, I recommend the following prayer every time you experience great difficulty. She reads like this:

Holy Spirit: give me clarity, illuminate all my paths so that I reach my ideal. Grant me the divine gift of forgiving and forgetting the wrong done to me and be by my side at all times of my life.

I would like, in this short dialogue, to thank you for everything and confirm once again that I do not want to be separated from your protection. Thank you for her mercy towards me and mine. Amen.


* Since you don’t eat just once, nor do you need favors just once, always try to say thank you. Remember that being grateful is a nice attitude and a healthy lifestyle that translates into blessings, among other things, because such a gesture keeps the doors open for future situations.

* Life is what you decide to do and, in this sense, you must opt ​​for pleasant things: you can enjoy a sunny afternoon, you have the right to love, you must be free and, in general, you are committed to living happily. God gives you free will and, therefore, grants you the ability to discern and choose the paths of your well-being.

* In order to move forward, you must have faith. She must be rooted in something that, without having to see it, you intuit is safe. As it is, there is no more solid foundation than her self-confidence. Design her happiness plan and get to work; besides, she believes in the blessing that God will grant her.


Concerns frequently assault our state of mind. However, with each questioning we have one more chance to face a new horizon, either reasoning or applying healthy strategies for the soul. What are those fears that affect you today? Tell us about them to reflect on it on this page. Send your testimony to Euclides Kilô Ardila at the following email: In this column, he will answer you himself. Let’s see today’s case:

Testimonial: “I feel stuck, bored and frustrated. I have been losing interest in many things and today I don’t know what to do. I think I should try harder, but in the end I end up defeated in my own thoughts. What advice could you give me? I hope you take care of my case. Thanks”.

Answer: Just like you, many men and women, at certain moments in life, feel trapped in a work office, live in toxic relationships or always do the same. And since feeling like this is not pleasant, well, these people feel frustrated.

In your case, you should start a dialogue with yourself, to discover the causes that make you feel that way. If you think you’re living in a stagnant state, the worst thing you can do is continue with your hands crossed or regretting what you had to do and didn’t do.

Of course, you don’t have to worry more than necessary. He simply must recognize and accept what he is feeling and inquire about what led him to live trapped in that tedium.

Take careful note of the thoughts and feelings you experience so that you can realize the reasons that have dragged you to that state.

The ‘crux’ of the matter is to find out why you have not been able to meet your expectations. If you are honest with yourself, you will be able to make a sound diagnosis and project yourself better.

Note: this is not done overnight. This process may take time, but you cannot give in to despair.

Ask God for serenity to get rid of that ugly perception of despondency. Listen to me!

Do not let the anxieties make you darken your life