Do not leave everything for \u2018later\u2019

ORn procedure with which I almost do not agree is to leave “everything for later”. It’s not that it’s all bad, among other things, because there are activities that have their time and place; however, I feel that procrastination paralyzes us and does not allow us to move forward.

Every time I hear someone say that they will “do something later”, I get the impression that they are passing up a valuable opportunity.

What am I going to? Because there are many stagnant or quiet people, who live with the perception that their lives will change without lifting a single finger, as if the options to get ahead were raining down from the sky.

There are other men and women who believe that they can postpone everything and leave their chores in “we will see”. I’m talking about those who procrastinate, those who spend their time procrastinating on the most important activities, and instead perform others that are pleasant but unnecessary. They are afraid to start a business and, even worse, they don’t dare to do anything for fear of losing that ‘comfort’ in which they live.

Despite the fact that their worlds are somewhat bland, they do not have enough faith in each other and, therefore, they do not dare to do something new that changes their panoramas.

Is it your case?

Great care! You won’t get anywhere if you sit idly by and expect your day to go ‘without rhyme or reason’.

Living is more than that!

In other words: living is not something that can be postponed, every second must be enjoyed without postponement.

Whether young or old, accompanied or alone, with money or without it, healthy or anchored to a stretcher, free or behind bars, fill yourself with arguments to get up and make good things happen to you and, above all, so that you can find him. sense to your world.

A sign of spiritual health is wanting to do something to be a better person. It is essential to get down to work, work and grow. Don’t let yourself be carried away by that false comfort that you experience and that all it does is give more roots to your passivity.

The key to being happy is to feel something to be excited about. And in that order of ideas, it is better to turn on your light and clear the paths, among other things, because everything looks better when the darkness recedes.

Stop procrastinating implies making a decision and going out into the ring, regardless of the risk that is run.

What matters is your attitude. Dare to act and do not lose faith. Put your fears aside, for God always takes his anguish in his hands and embraces him.

Instead of living on false expectations, make better use of your present.

It is not the circumstances of the weather but the ways in which storms are dealt with that will guarantee their well-being.

The rain falls like something that sheds its leaves, but even if it rains all night, the water refreshes the ground it walks on.

Your actions will be a reflection of how you see life and that perspective you have will move you forward.

Do not waste the options that are presented to you, only you can take advantage of them and it is up to you to decide the ways in which you should take advantage of them.

You should cheer up, look ahead and trust in the Most High. Even if He seems dumb to you and you think that he is not trying to fix things; at every step of his life, he will always see the friendly face of the Creator.


Concerns frequently assault our state of mind. However, with each question we have one more chance to face a new horizon, either by reasoning or applying healthy strategies for the soul. What are those fears that affect you today? Tell us about them to reflect on it on this page. Send your testimony to Euclides Kilô Ardila at the following email: In this column, he himself will respond. Let’s look at today’s case:

Testimony: “I live comfortably in my environment, but a doubt assails me. What’s happening to me? It’s just that for some time now I realize that I’m not growing and to a certain extent I don’t like being so still, even though I live safely. How shall I explain? I have no problems, but at the same time I am uneasy. I am afraid to change for fear of losing what I have. What do you advise me?”.

Answer: It is not the first time that a situation similar to yours has been brought to my attention. Many people feel ‘comfortable’ in their comfort zones, but after a while they begin to perceive that they are not risking anything and that they are not growing. Just like you!

In his case, from what I interpret, he has set himself the task of converting that supposed “state of security” into the perfect excuse not to innovate, not to improve and, ultimately, not to live with the fullness and emotion that he would like. .

It is possible that remaining anchored and pigeonholed always in the same habits and routines has framed you in a life without prospects. Also, intellectually you may be closing off to other points of view.

Do a self-assessment and study the ‘pros’ and ‘cons’ of a possible change in your routine. Perhaps a change would do you good, but you must do it with a firm step, prudence and good sense.

Suddenly it is time to take that step that they have been postponing. Obviously she is going to feel a bit of anxiety and fear; however, assuming that strength to put a positive spin on your life will strengthen you and, at the same time, you will know how far you will be able to go. Ask God for wisdom and insight to know how to proceed. Listen to me!


* You, me and everyone should learn to recognize what others do for us, in addition to being grateful for what God gives us every day. Regardless of whether or not what comes to us changes our lives, let us give thanks for everything that happens to us. That will translate into blessings!

* Appreciate every moment of your life because every circumstance is unique: a kiss, a sunset, a dance, a good joke, a walk, a greeting, a see you soon, anyway… No moment will repeat itself in the same way , each will happen only once in the history of your world.

* Why do you look forward to things? Every event occurs in God’s timing. If something is useless for your life, it is also useless to wait for it or wish for it. If there is something you need and want with all your being, it will come at a time that suits you. Stop the rush!

Do not leave everything for u2018lateru2019