Cristina re

After the failed assassination, Cristina Fernández begins a new stage. Now from faith to discern politics. Hence, her first act was invaded by the Holy Spirit and the synodal method that includes listening to women and laity.

“By anointing well, one experiences that one’s own anointing is renewed there. I want to say this: we are not distributors of bottled oil. We anoint by distributing ourselves, distributing our vocation and our hearts. By anointing we are re-anointed by the faith and affection of our people”.

The quote was given by Pope Francis in his homily at the Chrism Mass celebrated in Saint Peter’s Basilica, April 2019, with the blessing of the Holy oils.

Cristina is not just any name. She has Greek origin and means anointed. In other words, a disciple of Christ who is marked with the Holy oil.

Elisabeth, in its biblical meaning means divine promise, the second name of the vice president. Signed the Argentine political leader because the first Elisabeth is the mother of Juan Bautista, the cousin of Jesus, who anticipates him, prophesies him, and baptizes him in the desert.

Fernández de Kirchner cannot escape the question that comes from realizing that she is alive by a miracle.

God and the Virgin saved her from death, as she herself acknowledged a few days ago in her first public act after the failed assassination and was the title in all the media.

So she is saved for a reason. Which is none other than the mission.

Where Cristina is going is an unprecedented stage in her life as a political leader that is already impacting Argentina and the leaders of the region.

From now on first faith, the Gospel, to discern reality, politics.

“Mystic”, they begin to label her to denigrate her. Opponents are the first to notice and roar against their belief as they attack the mass of peace and brotherhood in the Basilica of Luján.

Thanks to God and the Virgin, the vice president understands that she has begun a new stage in her life. The act that she prepared surrounded by nuns and priests from the towns, in the Senate, for her public reappearance evidences it.

Cristina is half a year away from turning 70. It is no longer the destiny of the presidency, which she reached twice, being the first woman re-elected on the continent, and the second most voted in Argentina, after Juan Domingo Perón. The leader of the vast national and popular field is an operator of peace, who transcends national and regional unity to the military, hence she called for dialogue even with those who do not think like her, for example, she quoted the liberal economist Carlos Melconian for to resolve the unstoppable spiral of rising prices, better known as inflation.

His reaction is not an outburst. It is part of a process. Faith has long been his safeguard. The Rosary that Pope Francis gave him and that he wears hangs it proves it. Her delicate surgeries (at the end of 2011 they discovered thyroid cancer and in October 2013 the operation on her head) were accompanied by the prayers of her, her family and the faithful people of God who vote for her and love her, who feels like a protective mother.

After the inevitable death of a gun barrel in his face, he returned to public life moved. With the joy of being reborn and the emotion of divine protection.

In the National Senate, on Thursday the 15th, in the afternoon, surrounded by some thirty nuns and the priests from the villages, her voice was breaking, it was noticeable that she tied down her emotion so as not to cry. She, too, cannot speak of an attack or assassination. She cannot give those definitions. It’s shocking to her.

His comeback was first hear. The culture of listening that Francis preaches so much and almost no leader, whether political, union or religious, practices in public. Ignacio Blanco, a priest in Quilmes from the Curas de Option for the Poor Group, spoke first, then Lorenzo “Toto” Vedia, parish priest of the Virgen de los Milagros de Caacupé in Villa 21/24 for the priests of Las Villas, and finally the nun , Ana María Donato of the Community of Apprentices of Jesús de Rafael Calzada.

It was an unprecedented act for the leadership elite. It was synodal, translated from ecclesial terminology, democratic, since it put everyone on the same level, in circle.

In addition, she did so surrounded by women, nuns and laywomen, who serve in the most impoverished neighborhoods of the suburbs and the City of Buenos Aires.

Another sign of Cristina in tune with the teaching of the Jesuit and Argentine Pope, which is precisely the presence and voice of women. Something lacking in the Argentine church, and not only in the clergy, but also in internal groups, charisms or congregations, which have not yet incorporated another new sign of the times, as the Vicar of Christ teaches, which is synodality, the method that disarms verticalism, or caudillismo, to add laity and women in decision-making and discernment of the complex reality.

Cristina disarmed clericalism. The priests of the villas were astonished, they looked at her that seemed dazed, due to the exceptionality of Father Pepe Di Paola, sick with Covid.

For the active Catholic flock, it did not go unnoticed that no bishop was summoned, not even Monsignor Gustavo Carrara, parish priest at María Madre del Pueblo in the town of Bajo Flores.

At the close of the act in the Senate, it was Deacon Ricardo Carrizo who invited the Vice President to pray a Hail Mary. Was not planned. The Holy Spirit hovered around the room and moved the religious from his seat. Not just anyone, Rycky, as they call him in Florencio Varela, where as a Catholic cleric his duties include announcing the Gospel, baptizing, assisting the priest at the altar, distributing communion, among other things. The deacon is an instance prior to the priest and without the vow of chastity. A true peacekeeper.

The joy of the meeting, the gifts, which included words like the Franciscan nun, and letters that Cristina had received, were mixed with the emotion on the surface. Then after the Hail Mary, the deacon calls the oldest priest present. It was there that Juan Ángel Dieuzeide raised his hands in front of the vice president. They all accompanied the gesture. Tears were already falling down the old priest’s face. Cristina, in front and standing, wept. Around him advisers or secretaries in suits with their heads bowed to the floor dried their tears.

The Holy Spirit had taken possession of the Senate. The emotion was mixed with the joy of the meeting. Everyone was amazed. Different as they had arrived. The religious and laity came out with their little signs in hand and distributed it to each one with their name. They looked like boys with candy.

Life beat death. The political leader who generates the most affection and affection in the poor is standing up.

For those who militate faith and politics, at all levels, today they are valued as never before in the recent history of our democracy. Cristina named those who surround her with that spirituality and who were not present, such as the militant lawyer Juan Grabois and the Formosan senator José Mayans.

The wisest, oldest, and largest human organization in Argentina has been signed for almost ten years by the Successor of Pedro in a process of leaving that listens, meets, as true instruments of peace that they build every day. community salvation spaces such as: dining rooms, picnic areas, popular pots, cultural centers, clubs, work cooperatives, neighborhood centers, town house. They are the collective Samaritans, as Jorge Mario Bergoglio calls them, with them are the priests, nuns and laity from the parishes or chapels in the towns and popular neighborhoods. They are also the popular movements grouped in the union of the popular economy, known by the acronym UTEP. All of them united are the periphery that will save the center. They do not go out to plan the assassination of political leaders. They do not camouflage their work, they are true street vendors.

For the first time in politics, a model of leadership is visualized in Christian spirituality, and not in the model of political atheism, which is Machiavelli.

Cristina is the heiress of Blessed Mama Antula, a woman of deep faith who had an impact like no one else in vernacular politics 200 years ago. María Antonia de Paz y Figueroa will be the first Argentine saint. The woman from Santiago from a patrician family, who as an adolescent and laywoman went barefoot to pilgrimage through the country assisting and evangelizing the sick, single mothers, black slaves and poor indigenous people, and who ended her pilgrimage by building the House of Spiritual Exercises, in the City of Buenos Aires (it is still standing on Salta Street and Independencia Avenue) where he put the political leadership class, initiator of the independence, ecclesial and commercial process to listen to the kaidós, God’s time, to surrender in a daring way, the so-called Parresia, in order to announce or proclaim, the kerygma, for a profound transformation, the metanoia.

God and the Virgin want the vice president, leader of the broad national and popular movement, to continue in the spirituality that is closer to the leadership model of Saint Ignatius of Loyola, than to his contemporary Machiavelli, an expert in the make-up of changing something so as not to touch the vital .

Cristina has a historic opportunity, she receives the support of our Argentine and popular Pontiff. What other task is more important than calling today for the return to his homeland of Jorge Mario to consecrate a merciful homeland and re-anoint the Pope for the people who forged him.

“We anoint by dirtying our hands by touching the wounds, the sins and the anguish of the people; We anoint our hands by perfuming them by touching their faith, their hopes, their fidelity and the unconditional generosity of their dedication. By placing us with Jesus in the midst of our people, may the Father renew in us the outpouring of his Spirit of holiness and make us unite to implore his mercy for the people entrusted to us and for the whole world. In this way the multitude of people, gathered in Christ, can become the only faithful People of God, which will have its fullness in the Kingdom”, Francis concluded his homily from some time ago.

Cristina re-anointed