Council of the Region. Exhibitions: at Palazzo del Pegaso ‘We heirs of the peoples of Gaia’ by Anna Maria Guarnieri

A journey back in search of the contributions of the various civilizations that preceded us, up to the origin of the Earth, which allows us to actualize the difficulties of this time. Thus the president of the Regional Legislative Assembly presented Anna Maria Guarnieri’s exhibition ‘We heirs of the peoples of Gaia’ inaugurated this morning at the Carlo Azeglio Ciampi Exhibition Center (via de ‘Pucci 16).

The exhibition includes forty picto-sculptures by the artist born in Sesto Fiorentino, but who has lived for some time in Poggio a Caiano (Prato), the result of the work of the last twenty years. Works that, said the president of the Regional Legislative Assembly, allow us to recover a strong, current message, especially in a period of great difficulty such as the one in which we live because of the war and which, through its techniques, its colors , the simplicity of the images, goes straight to the heart.

The works of Anna Maria Guarnieri convey the profound sense of the origins of “Mother Earth” through the symbols, the gears, the colors, underlined the councilor expression of the territory, who promoted the exhibition at the regional council. agenda, like that of the environment.

There are many symbolic references in the works, each of which is linked to a great civilization of the past. “The message I want to launch is the one that each of them, over the millennia that followed, has left us its culture, its mark from which we currently benefit – explained Guarnieri – Studying them has moved me. Furthermore, in almost all the works I wanted to bring back a gear, a symbol of the passage from one civilization to another: each tooth of the gear represents life in its continuous becoming, if it breaks everything is interrupted ”.

Among the most significant works “Civilization in search of the sky” in which, explained the curator of the exhibition catalog and president emeritus of the Modigliani art center Roberto Cellini, “the tower of Babel and the tower of Pisa are represented and the idea of ​​the inspiration that connects the Italian civilization, in particular that of the period before the Renaissance, with the classical art of Mesopotamia. Here too, the symbol of the gear that connects the various civilizations in a positive vision of the world and of life recurs ”.

And again the picto-sculpture “Between angels and demons”, cited by art critic Sandra Lucarelli, in which Hypatia, a scientist from Alexandria of Egypt, killed by Christians after they conquered the city is represented: “The title of the work – said Lucarelli – it reminds us how demons are those who prevent the development of culture and who make it die just as Hypatia was killed because she was a woman. This exhibition instead wants to remind us how the destiny of ‘We heirs of Gaia’ is to respect the Earth, and to celebrate life in a great embrace of peoples, ethnic groups and art ”.

A tribute to the civilization of Tuscany is also present in the work “Tuscan Excellence” where in the center is the figure of the Pegasus, the mythical winged horse symbol of the Region which, the artist said, “combines the strength of the horse with the to fly and therefore is a symbol of strength, spirituality and freedom that have always raised mortals above all earthly obstacles ”.

The exhibition will be open until 24 September from Monday to Friday from 10-12 and 15-18 and on Saturdays from 10 to 13.

Council of the Region. Exhibitions: at Palazzo del Pegaso ‘We heirs of the peoples of Gaia’ by Anna Maria Guarnieri