Congress of Public Services includes projects for Zulia

The National Congress of Public Services was installed today, Thursday the 3rd, at the Hotel del Lago Tibisay, organized by the Sectoral Vice Presidency of Public Works and Services, headed by G/J Néstor Reverol, with the aim of specifying solutions that contribute to well-being of the Zulians.

The announcement was made by Reverol, through his reverolnestor Instagram account. “Here we go my beloved state of Zulia, land of great patriots, historical scenarios and Marian spirituality, with a great work agenda full of projects and announcements for all Zulians in terms of public services.”

He is accompanied by a third of the Executive Cabinet, ministers and entities attached to the vice-presidency of services, to work hand in hand with popular power.

“Our president @nicolasmaduro has instructed to provide attention to the needs of the Zulia people with the machinery of the 1×10 of the Good Government and to strengthen revolutionary unity,” added G/J Reverol.

Jacqueline Faría also participates as liaison for the PSUV-Zulia, ministers, mayors and presidents of affiliated entities, with the commitment to guarantee the people the stability and maintenance of basic services.

Early victories to execute

This National Congress of Public Services is held in each entity of the country in order to build the map of solutions in terms of electric powerdrinking water, telecommunications, domestic gas, among others.

Minister G/J Reverol announced the execution of the following projects in Zulia: Comprehensive lighting plan for expressways on Circunvalación 1 and El Milagro avenues (1,200 LED lights); training of the popular power to recover lamps from sodium vapor to LED; inauguration of the Corpoelec transformer workshop; comprehensive rehabilitation of aqueduct systems, pumping stations and water treatment plants; comprehensive care plan for road and social infrastructure; construction of a pilot channel in the bed of the Chama River in the south of the Lake; major maintenance in the infrastructure of the domestic gas transportation and distribution system; reinvigoration of the gasification works in the municipalities of Maracaibo, San Francisco, Lagunillas, Mara and Machiques de Perijá; the delivery of 3,657 voice, data, Internet and television services; formation of 300 recycling and cleaning technical tables and installation of 12 recycling schools and the recovery of 40 fields to promote sports in the entity.

Debate and proposals on public services

“This is a space where the different levels of government meet, promoting the empowerment of the organized people, with social cartography to structure a map of solutions, appropriate to the needs of the entity, in response to the action agenda promoted by the president Nicolás Maduro”, said Jacqueline Faría.

Faría indicated that the community is aware of his achievements and pending issues; hence, their proposals will allow progress with greater confidence in the success of the projects to be executed.

“Organized movements show that popular power empowers spaces and exposes the problems of their communities in terms of public services to the authorities, to initiate concrete actions in each sector” and reinforced this approach on his Instagram jackiepsuv with a sample of the social cartography of the communes.

Congress of Public Services includes projects for Zulia – Últimas Noticias