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Jaime Muñoz was unable to recover from the injuries sustained in a traffic accident that occurred in the El Jardín neighborhood of Valle de Laboyos. The driver of the vehicle involved would have been a minor under 16 years of age, who allegedly tried to evade responsibility for him.

The friends and relatives of community leader Jaime Muñoz Valderrama woke up in mourning, who died after being run over, when he was riding a motorcycle, in the company of his daughter.

The traffic accident took place on December 18 in the El Jardín neighborhood of Comuna Cuatro de Pitalito, the place where the deceased today was hit in the vicinity of the headquarters of Tiendas Olímpica.

Although at that time the man received help and was transferred to a municipal care center, his health did not improve. Muñoz Valderrama spent 10 days in the Intensive Care Unit of the San Antonio Hospital, after undergoing surgery, however, at dawn yesterday his body expired as a result of the sequelae caused by the trauma and fractures suffered by The hit.

His daughter, who was riding as a grill on the motorcycle, was affected in her spine, for which her loved ones pray that she does not run the risk of being left in a wheelchair.

controversy and outrage

What is controversial about this case is that the driver of the vehicle involved would have been a minor, who apparently wanted to evade responsibility. That day of the accident, the Laboyano’s family indicated their indignation at the alleged words expressed by the 16-year-old teenager. “They can’t do anything to me because my dad has a lot of money”, were apparently some of his phrases.

Councilman Manuel Jesús Valderrama wrote on his social networks, “thank God for everything I have experienced with my great brother Jaime, for his company, for his example of tenacity, discipline, love for the family and above all, for his spirituality that He always kept us together, thanks to the doctors who fought until the last minute to keep him alive, to the friends and family who never stopped praying for his recovery, God needed him with him, rest in peace little brother of my soul.

The funeral will take place today at 3:00 pm in the Parroquia Juan Pablo II.

heartfelt farewell

The community manifested itself with different messages on social networks about what happened. Irma Samboní’s was one of them. “What a pity, how irresponsible, how is it possible that they give keys to a vehicle to a minor who ended the life of an innocent man and her companion who will surely never walk again,” she questioned.

On the other hand, Bethy Moreno wrote, “what sad news, it hurts my soul, we lost a great leader who always fought for the communities and for the general well-being of our environment, worked for our neighborhood Antonio Nariño, Those of us who live there appreciated him from the bottom of our hearts, we were very attentive to his recovery, how sad to know that due to the irresponsibility of a boy and the lack of character of his parents, today we lost our friend, an excellent leader, I hope justice is done and so more pain and suffering are avoided, because that brat will continue in the same way and it is not fair. I will carry Jaimito in my heart and thank you for everything he managed for my neighborhood, until the last minute he kept doing it, he was fighting for the paving of Second Street, on the border with the Madelena and Antonio Nariño neighborhoods. He rests in peace dear friend.

Community leader died run over by a minor in Pitalito • La Nación