Coahuila consolidates in favor of violence prevention: Riquelme

Saltillo Coahuila /

This Wednesday, the governor of Coahuila, Miguel Ángel Riquelme Solís, pointed out that prevention tasks are an essential element of the security strategy.

From the state capital, I assure you that it is more effective to intervene before the Law is infringeda person is injured or some patrimonial impairment is caused.

“For this reason, we promote preventive actions in favor of the community. We implemented the Prevention Week program, in which 60 minors participated and provided 300 services, through talks and workshops that allow them to identify risks, learn about protection measures, and develop life skills,” said the state governor.

In a work of coordination between the three levels of government and the participation of the citizenry, this year agreements were reached and three strategies were established: One for the prevention of violence; another for violence prevention in targeted settingsand the last one for the promotion of the denunciation and the establishment of routes of inter-institutional action in case of violence where girls, boys and adolescents are direct and indirect victims, all of them tending to achieve peace.

To address the issue of addictions, in educational institutions of basic and higher level the program “I take control” is operated, with which a message is carried to prevent the use and abuse of addictive substances, highlighted the Coahuila President.

Inside the program “He took control” Topics such as life skills, resilience, spirituality, bullying, the Internet and social networks, circles of peace, managing emotions, addictions, self-esteem, suicide prevention, and family conflicts were also addressed. This program extends to all regions of the state and is applied primarily to municipalities with the highest crime rate.

“We carried out 37 interventions at the Saltillo Men’s Specialized Internment Center for Adolescents on issues of self-awareness, assertive communication, empathy, decision-making, problem and conflict resolution, creative thinking, critical thinking, tension and stress management, emotion management and feelings, management of emotions, resources, risk factors, life plan, redefinition of personal history, circles of peace and cultural activities”, expressed Riquelme Solís.

During 2022, 150 women were trained as peace multipliers, training them to promote the reconstruction of the social fabric and community dialogue; promote the prevention of violence; promote the participation of women in dialogue and problem solving, and promote solidarity and community work.

In support of the process of social readaptation of the inmates of the Women’s Penitentiary Center of Saltillo, in 2022, through the program “Reborn Woman” 360 beneficiaries were attended, with 24 comprehensive psychosocial group sessions, equivalent to nearly a thousand care services, the Governor explained.

During the current administration, 136,119 services have been offered to 1,837 people in the Comprehensive Prevention and Citizen Development centers of Saltillo.

The activities they carried out were computing, zumba, library, theology, culinary decoration, beauty, nails, physical conditioning, boxing, soccer, pastry, jewelry, music, taekwondo, school support in initial education and dining room, “said the president.


Coahuila consolidates in favor of violence prevention: Riquelme