Churches without God

Nery Alexis Gaitan

Churches are institutions that man has created to transmit the divine message in a precise way to humanity. Religious institutions -almost always of dubious divine origin, regardless of their denomination or religious form- have the purpose of disseminating the heavenly message that rescues souls from damnation.

Although the churches, including the buildings, the positions, the external rituals, are necessary for humanity because they gather the parishioners in a common front: to get closer to God, and also fulfill a social function by setting appropriate behavior patterns for the parishioners, in favor of good in all its forms, they are not essential in the spiritual process because the relationship with God is direct and without intermediaries of any kind.
Unfortunately, these churches -human institutions- have always moved away from the true spiritual principles and have dedicated themselves, without exception, to worshiping the world.

Long, absurd, cruel, dishonest and evil is the list of atrocities committed by all the churches on the face of the Earth. Throughout history we have seen that they have been centers of evil and hatred. Let us remember the inquisition; there is a church that is a shareholder in arms manufacturing companies; the constant sexual abuse of priests, pastors and spiritual guides of all kinds; let us remember all the wars resulting from religious intolerance and other atrocities committed.
The churches have always moved away from the spiritual, from the true, from the real, which is to guide humanity towards the good and the fulfillment of divine precepts. And they have been dedicated, and are currently dedicated, to building large economic emporiums because faith is a formidable business; a product that is sold at a good price for the existential and spiritual needs of individuals.

Churches, now any parakeet with sticks founds a church, abound everywhere with similar characteristics: a false leader who surprises unsuspecting people and ends up with exaggerated amounts of money in his pocket. But that is understandable because they have long since abandoned the realm of the spiritual and only care about material goods and the enjoyments of this world.

The churches are experts in making the parishioners give the tithe, the offering, the contribution, etc., that they enroll their children in their schools, in their colleges, in their universities; but they are not interested in teaching a true spiritual message that frees the individual from the slavery of sin.
The churches are centers of disorientation and waste of time in the spiritual transformation of the individual; and this is what is serious, what is harmful, what is perverse: since they distance man from God. Seeing the current state of our society, violence, hatred, deaths, slander everywhere, etc., the total failure of all churches is evident, since they have not achieved the transformation of the individual towards good.

The false churches, finally, end up doing great harm to humanity because their message is a falsehood covered with a certain spirituality. They are experts at scamming unsuspecting people.
Truly, the true church is in the heart. We must keep our inner temple clean because it is the abode of the Holy Spirit. That is what is real, what counts in the eyes of the Most High. But keeping the inner temple clean implies eliminating sin whenever it manifests itself, and thinking, feeling and acting in the right way. That is, eliminate the capital sins (lust, anger, greed, envy, pride, sloth and gluttony) and fulfill the divine law without exception.

Let’s not continue wasting time following false spiritual leaders, nor let’s attend churches that teach only to read the Bible to the dead letter, forging the links of fanaticism and intolerance and that force their parishioners to tithe, or sow as they see fit. I like to say, up to the elbows.
Let us be constant and faithful with our inner church and consciously comply with the divine law, that is the only thing that matters.

Churches without God – Diario La Tribuna