Chromotherapy and sofas, there is the right color for every home

The sofa and the armchair are the most important furnishings in the room because they must be comfortable, of design and of the right color. Yes, because when it comes to choosing the sofa it is not only important that it gives us a feeling of comfort and the desire to spend time in total relaxation, but we must also be attentive to the sensations it transmits to us through the color.

The choice of color will also determine the mood with which we live a certain room, which is why the color should not follow the rules of the moment but rely on chromotherapy to create a harmonious environment.

Blue helps to relax

The living room is the place in the house where we spend our time in the company of the family, which is why it must return a feeling of well-being and serenity and blue is the ideal color to counteract stress. A sofa declined in this shade will allow us to lie down and enjoy a well-deserved rest after a busy day. It also goes well with both a modern living room and a more classic décor.

A great classic: white

It is one of the most used colors and conveys a feeling of peace, which is why if we want to recreate a peaceful environment through chromotherapy, we cannot give up on a white sofa. Suitable for any type of furniture, it is ideal if there are no children or pets in the house.

If we want to create a positive environment

Pastel, bright or antique: pink is the color of positivity and perfect love if we want an environment where anxiety and stress remain outside the home. In addition, this color has also become trendy in recent years, a great way to have a trendy bedroom where calm reigns.

The color of spirituality: purple

The dark colors have the effect of giving balance to the room and at first glance they convey a feeling of order and tranquility. To achieve all this in addition to the blue sofa, we can decide to cover it in the various shades of purple. Color, often associated with spirituality, is able to ward off anger and nervousness and guarantees a feeling of well-being. If we want to create a relaxed environment, we can combine the sofa with white cushions and give the room the right brightness.

Relax and trust: the benefits of greenery

Green, like purple and blue, conveys tranquility and at the same time a feeling of hope and joy. Perfect for homes in the countryside or in the city, but also to add a touch of light, the sofas in this color match with antique furniture and ecru upholstery.

For a strong and dynamic environment: red

When you think of red, strength and dynamism inevitably come to mind and a sofa in this nuance can create an energetic environment, in which to keep negative thoughts and stress away. An armchair or a sofa in bright red can give an extra touch to a modern environment, while declined in the darker version it gives a more elegant and refined look.

Perfect for stimulating concentration: yellow

Finding the right concentration is not always easy, but a hand comes from chromotherapy and in particular from the yellow color that stimulates the brain giving a sense of peace and happiness because automatically there are references to summer. Like never before in a living room, the yellow sofa is also perfect in an office because in addition to creating a positive environment, it stimulates creativity.

Chromotherapy and sofas, there is the right color for every home