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Share the value of sincerity on the fourth day of the Christmas Novena.

Each Christmas, believers celebrate the birth of Jesus and one more year of having him in their hearts. The Novena is one of the Catholic traditions that begins every December 16 and ends every December 24, hours before midnight.

During these 9 days, people pray and preach as a family or in congregations about love and spirituality. According to the portal ACIPrensathe fourth day of the novena is celebrated on Monday, December 19 and represents “accepting that Jesus is the light that comes to this world.”

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prayer to start

Benign God of infinite charity that you have loved us so much and that you gave us in your Son the best garment of your love, so that, incarnated and made our brother in the bowels of the Virgin, he would be born in a manger for our health and remedy; We thank you for such an immense benefit. In return, we offer you, Lord, the sincere effort to make this world yours and ours, a more just world, more faithful to the great commandment to love each other as brothers. Grant us, Lord, your help to be able to do it. We ask that this Christmas, a festival of peace and joy, be an encouragement for our community, so that, living as brothers, we may seek more and more the paths of truth, justice, love and peace. Amen.

Our father

prayer for the family

Lord, make our home a place of your love. Let there be no injury because you give us understanding. Let there be no bitterness because You bless us. Let there be no selfishness because You encourage us. Let there be no grudges because You give us forgiveness. Let there be no abandonment because you are with us. We know march towards you in your daily life. May every morning dawn another day of dedication and sacrifice. Every night finds us with more love. Make Lord with our lives, that you wanted to unite, a page full of you. Do Lord of our children what you long for, help us educate them, guide them on your path. We strive for mutual support. Let’s make love another motive to love you more. That when the great day of going to meet you dawns, grant us to find ourselves united forever in you. Amen.

Prayer to the Virgin

Sovereign Mary, we ask you for all the families of our country; Make every home in our homeland and in the world a source of understanding, tenderness, and true family life. May these Christmas parties, which gather us around the manger where your Son was born, also unite us in love, make us forget the offenses and give us the simplicity to recognize the mistakes we have made.

Mother of God and Our Mother, intercede for us. Amen.

Prayer to Saint Joseph

Most Holy Saint Joseph, husband of Mary and adoptive father of the Lord, you were chosen to act as a father in the home of Nazareth. Help parents; may they always be in their home the image of the heavenly father, following your example; that they fully fulfill the great responsibility of educating and training their children, giving them the best of themselves with a continuous effort. Help children understand and appreciate the selfless efforts of their parents. Saint Joseph, model of husbands and fathers, intercedes for us. Amen.

Our father

meditation of the day

Fourth day dedicated to sincerity.

A quality without which love cannot survive, since there is no love where there is a lie. To love is to walk in the truth, without masks, without the weight of hypocrisy and with the strength of integrity.

Only in the truth are we free as Jesus Christ announced: John 8, 32. Only on the firm rock of truth can a relationship be sustained in crises and problems.

With sincerity we earn trust and with trust we come to understanding and unity.

Love teaches us not to act like the selfish and arrogant who believe that their truth is the Truth.

If Christmas brings us closer to the truth, it is a good Christmas: it is a party in which we welcome Jesus as the true light who comes into this world: John 1, 9. True light that leads us away from darkness moves us to accept God as Way, Truth and Life. Hopefully our love is always illuminated by the truth, so that it is also favored by trust.

Prayer to the child God

Lord, Christmas is the memory of your birth among us, it is the presence of your love in our family and in our society. Christmas is certain that the God of heaven and earth is our Father, that you, Divine Child, are our Brother.

May this meeting next to your manger increase our faith in your goodness, commit us to truly live as brothers, give us courage to kill hatred and sow justice and peace. Oh Divine Child, teach us to understand that where there is love and justice, you are there and there is also Christmas. Amen.

Glory to the Father



Christmas Novena 2022: prayers and joys of Day 4, for this December 19 | Society | Magazine