Chile: the beauty of faith at a fair of pedagogical products for the religion class

Almost 200 students from 3rd grade to 4th grade exhibited at the 12th version of Expotabor of the diocese of Copiapoheld in the square of the city of Freirina, founded in the mid-eighteenth century, located 690 kilometers north of Santiago and 175 south of Copiapó, at the beginning of the great Atacama desert.

The students belonged to 26 educational establishments: 5 are Catholic, 4 private subsidized and 17 public education located in 8 cities of the diocese.

Each participating school has a stand to present their works and pedagogical proposals associated with the class of religionwithin the framework of the exhibition motto every year. Synodalityroute of fraternity and school coexistence’ was this year’s motto that accentuates the urgency of living together as brothers to improve educational communities.

Dazzle with the beauty of faith

This exhibition has been held every year since 2010 in the squares of various cities in the diocesan territory. “It is done in the squares because we were inspired by the experience of Saint Paul announcing the Gospel at the Areopagus”, he tells New Life Mauricio Arancibiavicar for education, organizer of the fair.

With this project, Arancibia wanted to value, in public opinion, the religion class by exhibiting work done in class in the squares. “It is about giving reason for the faith, dazzling public opinion about the beauty of the life of faith, with experiences of the religion class,” says the vicar. “On Mount Tabor the apostles expressed how well they were in that place. That must be the paradigm of the religion class. That is why at the fair the attractiveness made in it is shown”.

Each school shows its pedagogical products in three areas: literacy (short stories, comics, poems, biblical knowledge spinners); Arts (musicals, manuals, theatrical, puppets, dance); Y multimedia (video capsules, radio programs, commercials, electronic games).

At noon, a musical artistic show was developed with the presentation of students from some participating schools and in the afternoon the Eucharist was celebrated, presided over by Bishop Ricardo Morales, who highlighted the enthusiastic and hopeful presence of the students. He also valued that most of the schools present were public education.

Promote the development of spirituality

Vicar Arancibia expressed his appreciation to the local public education services of the participating communes, which financed the mobilization of students from their towns to Freirina; in addition to the parish priest of Santa Rosa de Lima and the RUCA Foundation (Catholic university network) who supported the organization of the event.

He also underlined the commitment of the supporters and directors to promote these initiatives, highlighting that the greatest presence came from public education. “It is an effort that has the generous support of many to enhance the development of children’s spirituality,” said Arancibia.

For teacher Rosita Alfaro from the Atacama Catholic School, in the city of Copiapó, it has been “a wonderful experience recognizing the educational proposals and the clear leading role of boys and girls”. He encouraged the directors of public schools to support these initiatives “because they enrich the lives of students, they are significant moments and even to recognize the territory of the region.”

Chile: the beauty of faith at a fair of pedagogical products for the religion class