By Marinieves Garcia-Manzano

The concept of the soul is one of the oldest and most complex of humanity, and has been the subject of debate and speculation for centuries. Soul generally refers to an immaterial, immortal entity that is believed to inhabit the human body and give it life.

In some religions, the soul is believed to be what survives after death and is judged by a divine entity. In the Christian tradition, the soul is viewed as an immortal entity that is created by God and is judged after death. In Hinduism and Buddhism, the soul refers to the immortal entity that travels through various incarnations, or reincarnations, in a process called samsara.

In ancient philosophy, Plato and Aristotle also spoke of the idea of ​​the soul, Plato considered that the soul is an immortal and divine entity, that it exists before and after human life and that it has an innate knowledge of divine things, while Aristotle saw the soul as the form or active principle of the body, the soul is understood as the entity that makes life and movement of the body possible.

In modernity, the idea of ​​the soul has been questioned from a scientific and materialistic approach, since no concrete evidence of the existence of the soul has been found, and it is considered that all mental and emotional functions can be explained by neurological and biochemical processes. of the brain. However, the idea of ​​the soul remains a topic of great interest in philosophy, religion and spirituality.

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