Charlene of Monaco recovering: her parents make a radical decision

My family is my rock“. These words were spoken by Charlene of Monacoin an interview with Nice morning, last December. If she was then referring to her husband Albert II of Monaco and to their two childrenthe former professional swimmer is also remained very close to her parents, Lynette and Michael Wittstock, as well as her two brothers, Sean and Gareth. If the Monegasque sovereign supported his wife when she was sick, then in convalescence, the sister-in-law of Caroline and Stéphanie of Monaco could also climb the slope thanks to the precious support of the members of his family, not the one she created for herself, but the one she comes from. Charlene of Monaco has indeed never broken contact with those closest to her. With his brother Sean, remained in South Africa, she got into the habit of talking on the phone. His other brother, Gareth, settled on Le Rocher. As for his parentsthey recently made a big decision for their daughter.

According to information reported by the DailyMail on January 12, Lynette and Michael Wittstock decided to come and settle in Monaco in order to take better care of their offspring. The couple thus left their home in the suburbs of Johannesburg – we do not know how long – to moving to La Turbiea town located between Charlene’s main residence in Monaco and Roc Agel, the secret refuge of the princely family, where she often goes during the holidays. Being reunited again gives Prince Albert’s wife “a sense of security and reminds her of a much more carefree life she led in South Africa before becoming Princess of Monaco“, specified our colleagues from the DailyMail, citing a source close to the princely family. If they have not yet attended any public event alongside their daughter, Lynette and Mickael Wittstock, who now live “a few minutes by car” of Charlene, are present for her in the shadows.

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Charlene of Monaco “saved” thanks to faith?

Whether the move of his parents undoubtedly contributed to the transformation of Princess Charlene, it is also rumored that the mother of Jacques and Gabriella would have found refuge in the faith. As Grace Kelly before her, the former professional swimmer would have turned to religion. “Maybe she just watched the story. Grace was godly beyond belief and even when she was in Hollywood on Sundays she went to mass. She is the only one among her colleagues to take Sundays off to get there“, told Bertrand Deckersa specialist in crowned heads,

Charlene of Monaco also closer to the palace chaplain, Father Penzo: She opened up about it all with him. She would have contacted him first to get information about Grace and to know how she was doing, ‘how would she have done if she were me’, and she discovered spirituality with him. She found faith. faith saved her. She converted to Catholicism by her marriage, it was not part of her genes, nor of her culture, like Grace Kelly for example“, detailed Bertrand Deckers, convinced that faith is “the secret of Charlene’s revival.

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Charlene of Monaco recovering: her parents make a radical decision