Character of Scorpio (October 23

Scorpio is a sign that never leaves you indifferent. Often the mere mention of his name conveys a subtle thrill. It’s because we don’t know him well, or, to put it better: he’s the one who doesn’t want to make himself known, just like the ruler of his sign, the fearsome Pluto (lord of death and rebirth , great god of transformation) who governs the afterlife and who, when he returns among the living, wears a helmet that makes him invisible.

Scorpio is a water sign, so it is linked to the world of emotions and perceptions. But its waters are murky and deep, not easy to see through.

Scorpio is not afraid of gray areas, on the contrary: mysteries, difficulties and complex situations intrigue him and, as he nourishes a great need for truth and control, he always manages to get to the end of everything, to solve each plot. This is a fixed sign, that is to say, it arrives in the middle of a season: autumn. This “fixity” is reflected in his characteristics because he goes to the bottom of things, he does not forget, he digs, finds, knows how to fight and is uncompromising. His kingdom is that of things “buried” (therefore hidden, secret) and the astrological house he rules is number 8, the one that symbolizes death, sexuality, rebirth, metamorphosis, psychoanalysis, hereditary transmissions, the ability to strip oneself but also that of knowing how to receive. Remember that 8 is a number that expresses power and that its symbol is that of infinity (cycle of death and rebirth).

The depth of the sign, combined with a great intuition, makes the natives of this sign particularly intelligent. They are very ironic and have a great capacity for self-mockery. But after all, isn’t self-mockery a way like any other of transforming faults into virtues? Florence Foresti, for example, has built her entire career as a comic actress by making fun of her weaknesses…

Scorpio says: “I hide, I master, I control, I have the power, I dig up, I touch bottom but I am reborn to myself”.

Qualities : Intuition, insight, memory, endurance, intelligence, ability to solve puzzles, fertility, sensuality, intensity, depth, need for truth, control, courage, strategy, irony.

Defaults : Feeling of revenge, difficulty in forgiving, intransigence, complicity, drama, morbidity, harshness, jealousy, loneliness (the scorpion is an animal that lives alone and only seeks the other to reproduce).

Scorpio’s Friends

Of course, the agreement is good with the other water signs with which he shares sensitivity, emotional intelligence and intuition. However, with the cancer, the approach could be a bit complex because both are suspicious, while Pisces can sometimes seem too sentimental or too difficult to control. The 3 signs have an excellent imagination.

With Lion, there can be a little competition, they both like to rule and have a certain propensity for luxury. But the Lion is too “visible” for his taste. If Aquarius’ love for collective commitment doesn’t match Scorpio’s solipsistic character, the desire to transgress might unite them. The bull brings him sweetness, stability and both are possessive, although Taurus is afraid of the character complexity of Scorpio. They are opposite signs, and as everyone knows, opposites attract because they complement each other. A good understanding could be born with Capricorn because they both like to control and govern. Sure, Capricorn is a little chilly, but Scorpio’s passion could be enough for both. With the Virgin, the understanding is good: innocence, purity and virginal clarity are irresistible in his eyes. Sagittarius is drawn to his brain’s complexity and piercing humor, though he may feel limited by his intransigence. The balance is so beautiful, refined and elegant that Scorpio rarely resists her. With Aries he goes to war and with Geminihe’s having fun.

The specificities of Scorpio

This is a sign with a lot of energy that relies heavily on its natural resources. If he falls ill, he risks frightening those around him because he greatly accentuates his symptoms, but his resilience is just as impressive. In general, it is related to the reproductive and sexual organs, as well as the “nose” – due to its presumed (I mean presumed) analogy with the “phallus”. But also because the nose, perceiving odors, is an organ that helps to “smell” things and Scorpio has flair to spare…


Ruby, an expensive and rare stone, strengthens one’s mental acuity, courage and concentration. Carnelian, with its charge of optimism and cheerfulness, helps to de-dramatize. Red Jasper, or “warrior stone”, promotes action and courage, increases the spirit of initiative and honesty.

The Tarot of Marseilles and numerology

Its blade is number 13, “the Arcane without a name”. It is only by getting rid of something, by “dying” that one can be reborn and transformed…

13, or “the Alchemist”, is also his number with 8, a number that expresses power.

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Character of Scorpio (October 23-November 22): qualities, faults, compatibility