Character of Sagittarius (November 23

With Sagittarius, which arrives at the end of November, we are preparing to move from autumn to winter. This circumstance requires those born under this sign to be able to adapt to seasonal changes, but also to take us joyfully to the winter solstice, which marks the moment when the Sun begins to conquer precious moments of light. Like all the other signs that are placed on the margins of two different seasons (Gemini, Virgo and Pisces), Sagittarius is a “mobile” or “mutable” sign. Thanks to the promise of the light towards which it brings us, it is synonymous with optimism, faith and the desire to go far.

These traits are also associated with the planet that rules Sagittarius, Jupiter, the supreme ruler of Olympus, known for his benevolence, his generosity, his appetite and his thirst for conquest. Through his many flirtations, Jupiter gave birth to an impressive number of creatures. Hence the connotation of fertility and multiplication that has always been associated with the largest planet in the solar system.

But any quality, pushed to excess, is also transformed into a defect: thus faith is transformed into dogmatism, abundance into exaggeration, benevolence into paternalism or excesses of anger and eloquence into mythomania.

His astrological house is the ninth, which represents long journeys, foreign countries, adventure, justice (the chief of the gods was also the supreme judge of Olympus), university studies, knowledge, philosophy, religion, the search for a meaning or a unifying principle.

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Sagittarius says:I have faith and hope, I push myself further and further, I fight for the things I believe in, I am generous, I seek ultimate meaning in things and I owe my fortune to my optimism.”

Qualities : Optimism, sense of justice, desire for knowledge, propensity for adventure, desire to conquer distant and unexplored lands (also in a metaphorical sense), generosity, spirit of adaptation, good humor, philosophical talent.

Defaults : Dogmatism, sudden anger, exaggeration, mythomania, excess of optimism, difficulty in taking account of real obstacles and therefore, sometimes naive attitude, bulimia (applied not only to food). In some cases, amorous infidelity due to the pleasure of conquest.

Sagittarius Friends

He helps the Ram to channel his talents and open up to a superior spirituality while the latter can push Sagittarius to free himself from dogmatism by also giving him a certain pragmatism. Together they can go far. With the Lion, they share a great generosity and a great vision of things. Perhaps the spartan spirit of Sagittarius could differ from the “royal” tastes of Leo. In common with Aquarians there is a desire to help the community go far, but conflicts may arise for the transgression that the children of Uranus (Aquarius) may show. Together they could be an idea factory and are generally very good friends. Relations are also good with the Balanceeven if the detachment of the most refined sign of the zodiac does not always go with the jovial good nature of the Sagittarius who is unable to hold his tongue if he thinks he is right.

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With the Gemini there is the eternal problem of composing opposites, yet there is no doubt that they attract each other: the lightness and intellectual speed of one could help the other to be more tolerant and Gemini could gain in depth. Traditionally, Sagittarius forms a dissonant (square) aspect with Pisces and Virgin, but there is a common ground between the two: the spirituality and the absence of limits of Pisces adapt well to the character of Sagittarius but the problem could come precisely from the absence of a stable framework. Virgo, on the other hand, compensates for any bigotry Sagittarius might stir up. Of course, one person’s propensity for adventure does not match the other’s need for organization. Capricorn could structure and give the sign the realism it lacks. The relationship with the shy Cancer is complex but not impossible. On the other hand, it is easier with the Scorpio which attracts him with its complexity and amuses him with its humour. With the Bull, they are united by gluttony and the love of material pleasures. But beware of bullfighting jealousy.

The anatomical correspondences of Sagittarius

Symbolized by the Centaur, a mythical half-man half-horse creature, Sagittarians are endowed with phenomenal femurs. But the thighs and hips, and in general the entire iliac area (lower right of the stomach), remain its weak point. Watch out for sciatica. It is also necessary to pay particular attention to the liver and the arterial circulation (risk of hypertension) which are put to the test by its gluttony. Beware of hepatic congestion, diabetes and gout.


Among its stones we find the Amethyst. This soothing and lucky stone possesses energies related to the idea of ​​peace and spirituality, and is able to instill courage and hope. Citrine reinforces the sign’s natural optimism and helps them achieve their goals. Finally, turquoise is a stone linked to healing processes, it helps detoxification, instills calm, tranquility and balance.

The Tarot of Marseilles and numerology

Card n°9, the Hermit, represents the learned and wise Sagittarius who seeks the meaning of life, studies philosophy and is an expert in religions. His path is lit by the lamp he holds in his left hand and in his right hand he has a strong staff on which he leans to go far. There is also an idea of ​​healing and salvation with Sagittarius and therefore some authors associate Temperance with the sign, card n°14. This mystery can be very useful for Sagittarius because it could help him “water down his wine” and therefore limit his excesses to promote balance. 9 and 14 are also its numbers to which we can add 5 (1+4).

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Character of Sagittarius (November 23-December 21): qualities, faults, compatibility