Changes in collective psychology. astrological ages

There is an intimate relationship between the macrocosm or universe and the microcosm, the human being. Astronomically, there is a movement on the Earth, the precession of the equinoxes. That slow change in the orientation of the Earth’s axis of rotation causes the position indicated by the Earth’s axis on the celestial sphere by crossing the circumference to complete the Platonic year every 25,776 years.

One degree every 72 years, and approximately 2,360 passes for each sign producing a change of Era and in the collective psychology of humanity, manifesting in this time events consistent with the constellation where the sun is located, the sign in question and comes in an instructor who will shed light on the guidelines of the moment. The study of the signs of the zodiac is not a secret, there are serious books available to the interested party, as well as historical facts available to scholars.

In microcosm, the human being is healthy with a heart rate of 72, the heart beats 4 each time we inhale which means we have 18 breaths is 18 per minute, which corresponds to the 4 seasons and 18 years of life nutation of the terrestrial axis under lunar influence, according to Dr. Serge Raynaud in some of his teachings. It would be 25,920 breaths in 24 hours, in approximate figures. Also, the elements: air in the lungs, fire, temperature, water, blood, earth, body. Among others.

Some authors collect events from previous Eras, we will address some of the latest ones. The Age of Aries with its complement Libra, happens around 1800 – 0, considered the Iron Age, an element associated with Mars (ruler of the sign). Weapons are strengthened, a symbol of combat, the affirmation of the supremacy of the conquering self (Aries). Lower Moses with the Commandments (pound).

The Age of Pisces with its complement Virgo. Born of the virgin Jesus, the Christ. The fish, symbol of the early Christians, mentioned numerous times in passages of the Bible. The multiplication of bread and fish. Fishers of men. Faith is valued, believe, keyword of the sign in question. The fish appears on many objects used among Catholics. Sacrifice, the divine, religiosity, dedication are exalted. The overcoming of the individual of Aries. Forgiveness and delivery. Humility.

Our historical moment, entering the Age of Aquarius, exalts knowledge. The mysteries will be revealed and the veils drawn back. Ignorance, the greatest demon. The Water Bearer, represented by Ganymede spilling the water, exalts wisdom, before only goodness. Aquarius and its ruler Uranus, discovered in the eighteenth century, expression of revolution, collapse of structures, rebellion, and industrial technological progress. Age of electricity, awesomeness, diversity, inclusion, the multiverse. Science complements religion, seen as religare, union with the Creator, promoting a non-separatist integrative spirituality. Non-competitive cooperative. Let’s build the Golden Age.

Changes in collective psychology. astrological ages